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Appeal to the Citizens of the Earth!


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Dear resident of the Planet!
We turn to you with extremely important information

It is known that theoretical physics is in crisis. The experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), according to the experimenters themselves, are being carried out to search for the unknown phenomena never observed before in order to make such discoveries, which are not yet even conceived by means of experiments, the results of which may not be predictable in principle, so as to overcome a barrier faced by the fundamental physics today.

However, there recently has been elaborated a theory (the link provided below), which illustrates that the Universe does not get created by means of the Big Bang in contravention of all laws of physics, but originates in accordance with the law of energy conservation and the laws of thermodynamics. It explains precisely how vacuum gives rise to the basic particles electrons and the antiparticles positrons, which then leads to the formation of protons, neutrons, atoms, molecules, bodies, planets, stars, galaxies; it also explains the essence of gravitation, inertia, masses of bodies, the nature of light, as well as other phenomena, including those which previously could not be explained by science.

Most importantly, the said theory concludes that the extreme experiments with LHC, which are being carried out by way of misses or hits at the unpredictable, may provoke a phenomenon previously unknown to the Earth: the reaction of matter disintegration with the emission of its total energy =mc2, hundreds of times faster than the chain reaction of the nuclear explosion. It means that each collider experiment may happen to be the last experiment for the Planet. The Earth may vanish with a powerful explosion like one explosive item.

Many scientists worldwide, physicists in particular, also warn, on the basis of their proofs, about the threat that these types of experiments pose to the planet. At the same time, the report on the safety of LHC experiments, prepared by their own task-group working for the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) is based on fallacies, as explained on http://dovgel.com/engl/analysis.htm.

The CERN project requires immediate examination in the light of the new theory for the origin of the Universe!

It is important to stress that we are not against scientific experiments, we are for their safety to our Planet! On March 26, 2010 we forwarded an appeal (http://dovgel.com/rusengl.htm ), both in Russian and English, to all the available addresses of the European Centre for Nuclear Research (for the addresses, see http://dovgel.com/adresa.htm; and please let us know if you are aware of other addresses), signed by 215 people, with the request to review our information about the dangers of collider experiments, before further escalating the power and intensity of proton collisions at the LHC. By now the number of the undersigned has considerably increased. But CERN continues to ignore all appeals and keeps accelerating its program, which may not be predictable in principle.

LHC has already broken a number of records, as far as the energy of proton collisions as well as the frequency of collisions and the luminance of the collider. The protons are already being collided hundreds of billions times per second. At the International Conference on High Energy Physics (CHEP 2010) CERN declared that their installation is already prepared for the intrusion upon the unknown areas of physics. They intend to increase the number and the energy of proton collisions in the future. And already a new application has been announced for even a more powerful accelerator of elementary particles 50 kilometers in length, which would cost 10 billion euro.

As though human minds were impaired by some extraterrestrial impact: we are risking the Planet, which is our home. For all of us every second may become our final second on this Planet WITHOUT DELAY we need to make CERN, governments of states and mass media turn attention to the new theorys conclusions about the danger of the collider experiments. Your participation is urgently needed! We ask you to get familiar with the theory here http://dovgel.com/engl/e-r.htm and personally learn about the danger.

Our website (http://dovgel.com) also presents another unique piece of information. It shows the causes of the global financial crisis and the way out of it (http://dovgel.com/prichina.htm in Russian). A rapid economic miracle awaits the states, which will take advantage of this in time. The world is on the eve of the golden age, provided the Earth survives! This information is essential for the Governments of every nation.

A great deal depends on You! Draw everyones attention to these issues. Send the link to this information http://dovgel.com/engl/obrasch-e.htm to your contacts, ask them to look into this matter, notify other people and invite them to sign the appeal. Having collected a thousand signatures, we will reach out with the Appeal again to all the available addresses for CERN and mass media. We hope, you too will undertake every possible effort to prevent the irreparable.

We must ensure that the relevant examination of this hazardous project be carried out as soon as possible!

Yours sincerely,
On behalf of the undersigned on the appeal to CERN, (see http://kollaideru.net/podpisi.htm),
Author of the Theory, Member of the Board of the Belarusian Slavic Committee
Evgeni Dovgel, Minsk (http://dovgel.com/engl/ob_avt-e.htm)


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