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Analysis of CERNs
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Analysis of CERN’s Final Report
on Safety of its Large Hadron Collider

CERN’s site reports that a working group commissioned for evaluation of the safety of the planned experiments (made up of John Ellis, Gian Giudice, Michelangelo Mangano, Igor Tkachev and Urs Wiedemann – all working at CERN) has released the report, which affirms that the Large Hadron Collider does not present any danger.

The most important universal argument that CERN uses to support the safety of its experiments is the very existence of the Earth. They say, our planet is being constantly exposed to the influence of cosmic rays having energies which are competitive with, if not superior to, that of the collider; nevertheless the planet has not yet been destroyed by strangelets, black holes, magnetic monopole, or things like that.

Let's consider their MAIN ARGUMENT

First, based on their assumptions, which are at the basis of CERNs experiments, the main event of the Universe, which resulted in the maximum emission of energy in space, was the Big Bang, the one that produced the Universe. CERNs experiments are expected to simulate the energy conditions, which existed only one trillionth fraction of a second after the Big Bang.

But the Big Bang is believed to have occurred more than 14 billion years ago. So, where, in todays natural Space, can the flows of protons with the energy levels, equal to those, they are going to achieve in the collider, result from? In what kind of cosmic processes are they likely to be found, if the Big Bang have not yet repeated in the Universe, and is going for the first time to be reproduced under the collider conditions?

Second, the protons channeled in beams that are oriented in the opposed directions are expected to collide at a speed approximating to the velocity of light in vacuum (99,99%). To argue that the energy of protons in cosmic rays, bombarding the Earth, is characterized by a considerably higher level, as compared to the expected energy of proton collisions in the collider, means to ignore the core essence of physical processes, which are followed by the cosmic protons coming to Earth.

Just think: how can cosmic protons, coming to Earth from distant galaxies, dozens and hundreds of millions years after the beginning of their route, having gone megaparsecs of kilometers in space, which is permeated with interstellar magnetic fields that slow down any charged particles, having crossed the Suns magnetosphere and Earth magnetosphere, having collided (minimum ten times) with air atoms in the extremely rarefied Earths stratosphere, have, when bombarding its surface, the speeds higher than those, which are expected to be obtained through special accelerations in the collider?

Cosmic rays are STREAMS of elementary particles and atomic nuclei, accelerated to high energies in the Universe. Earlier unsuccessful attempts were undertaken to register them by gas-discharge counters and nuclear emulsions. In observatories they are only registered at the time of their entering the Earths stratosphere AS RAY SHOWERS, in which the distinguishability of an isolated particle, to say nothing about the determination of an isolated protons energy, is impossible.

The arguments for the fact, that installations on Earth register the protons of higher energy than the one to be achieved in the collider, testify that CERNs experts are very far from the said area of investigation and make judgments, concerning the levels of cosmic ray protons energy, indefinably, manipulating the data taken from some out-of-date encyclopedias, that were compiled based on theoretical assumptions of other scientists.

Third, moving at high speeds in space, protons scatter along the radiuses away from the epicenters of their emissions. They may not get into head-on collisions with one another in natural space because of the incongruous orientations of their trajectories and because of the mutual repulsion of like electrical charges. This must be known to everyone, who studied physics at school. In the collider, where the streams of protons will be intentionally channeled with the most powerful magnets into dense beams and smashed at the speed of light, being oriented in opposed directions, at a frequency of collisions making up billions of times per second, everything is different.

And finally, even if high energy protons get into a head-on collision under the conditions of cosmic vacuum or extremely rarefied Earths stratosphere (which is hardly probable), the arisen as a result thereof microhole will, indeed, vanish, AS THERE WILL BE VACUUM AROUND IT, i.e. there will be no matter for the chain process of the destruction of substance, or its absorption by the hole, to go on. And if the proton destruction does happen in the medium of some major space object, then there will start a reaction, which will be accompanied by decomposition of the entire substance to the prime element (hydrogen) and by powerful energy emission. Raise your eyes towards the sky. Pay your attention to the number of stars and other glowing objects in Space! Our quiet, stable Earth is a unique and rare phenomenon in Space.

Moreover, its well known that nearly all visible galaxies have minimal density of substance at the center, and many of them have a spiral form, as if at each of their centers there was a giant swirl, a pump sucking everything nearby in. This very much resembles the followup of some phenomena that caused the collapse of substance at galaxies centers.

Facing the said problems, guided by the conclusions of a small group of individuals unaware of the new theory confirming the actual danger of experiments, people in CERN decided, that we had nothing to fear, and the Earth would, probably, survive.

Before the first atomic bomb test on the Earth there had been raised a REAL problem: will, by any chance, the explosion of such charge provoke the explosion of the entire Planet? Nonetheless, the charge was exploded! One of the fathers of the first atomic bomb R. Oppenheimer was joking later that, of course, they doubted, but still decided, that if everything ended well, no one would condemn them. And if not, then there would be no one to judge them

We have to be surprised and thankful to our lucky stars that the Earth survived in the course of all posterior nuclear and thermonuclear experiments. For, during the irresponsible experiments performed on the Planet throughout recent fifty years, dozens of nuclear and thermonuclear charges were produced and exploded on the Earth, in its depths, in water and in space. The Earths orbit and its crust might have been disturbed with important lithospheric plates being destroyed.


Its urgent the attention of the public, governments and UN be turned towards the comprehensive evaluation of experiments scheduled by CERN. Be sure, dear citizens of planet Earth, the independent assessment of this project will do no harm to you. You are kindly asked to contribute to its performance. Do not stay indifferent, indifference can ruin the Planet



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