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A new theory
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Analysis of CERN’s
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Shall we learn to think
or become extinct like mammoths?

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About the New Theory of the Origin of the Universenew
and the dangers of extreme experiments with matter

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is
not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.
G. Galilei

Have the courage to use your own understanding.
I. Kant


Our body, food, home, planet and the entire universe are composed of tiny particles. What are these particles and how do they occur in nature? How do they interact together in atoms, molecules, body, planets, stars, galaxies, and finally disappear from existence?
It may surprise some, but not the physicists: theoretical physics has long been in the ideological crisis. It does not have a theory that would logically explain a well-known fact of existence of matter. It is mostly built on literary works by individual authors where they reason about the Big Bang, which allegedly has miraculously created the universe. Some of them, such as S. Hawking, believe that the explosion occurred at a singular point in some unknown place and for some unknown reason, contrary to all laws of modern science. Others, for example, S. Weinberg, believe that the explosion took place everywhere, not explaining how and where this "everywhere" was if the universe did not exist yet.

Naturally, not all scientists were willing to accept this view.

For instance, here are the comments of Í. Alfven, a Swedish physicist and astrophysicist, Nobel Prize winner ‘for fundamental work and achievements in magneto-hydrodynamics and their efficient application in various spheres of plasma physics’, also recipient of the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in London and the Gold Medal of the USSR Academy of Sciences; Member of the Swedish, London and other academies:
“Modern cosmological theory is nothing more than barefaced absurdity – it asserts that the entire Universe originated at a certain moment in a way reminding the atomic bomb explosion… It seems, in today’s intellectual atmosphere the unsurpassed advantage of ‘Big Bang’ cosmology is that it presents an outrage against common sense: credo, guia absurdum (‘I believe for it is an absurd’)”.

Consider also the opinion of a leading authority in modern physics -- A. Einstein:
“Even the great initial success of the Quantum Theory does not make me believe in the fundamental dice-game, although I am well aware that our younger colleagues interpret this as a consequence of senility. No doubt the day will come when we will see whose instinctive attitude was the correct one”.

Noteworthy is also the conclusion by I. Lakatos, a well-known expert in the theory of cognition, analyst in science methodology, post-positivist:

“In the new post-1925 quantum theory the anarchist position became dominant and modern quantum physics, in its Copenhagen interpretation, became one of the main standard bearers of philosophical obscurantism… This lead to a defeat of reason within modern physics and to an anarchist cult of incomprehensible chaos”.

And these controversial theories of Big Bang and quantum theory the basis for further theories in modern cosmology and microphysics, which do not explain the facts, lead to paradoxes and do not account, as the theoreticians know, for over 95% of matter in the universe! Therefore it also required hypotheses-myths about some dark matter, dark energy and black holes which have never been detected in any way.

All this has led the author of this article on a long term research through available scientific sources to develop a different view on the origin and existence of the universe.

The results of this research have been summarized in a short theoretical paper (‘Theory of the Origin of the Universe’; approx. 20 pages), which -- based on reliable data and in accordance with the laws of energy conservation and thermodynamics -- provides a concise explanation for the mechanism of creation of matter; the essence of gravitation, inertia and mass of bodies; the mechanism for light propagation; validity of the results produced in experiments by A. Fizeau (1851), A. Michelson and G. Morley (1887); as well as some other phenomena which have not been previously explained by science.

But most importantly, this theory shows that extreme experiments, which are being carried out on the Planet, fearlessly and haphazardly, based on the concept of the Big Bang – for example at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as well as experiments with incredibly powerful lasers and super powerful electromagnets -- are capable of bringing about an instantaneous destruction of the Earth. It shows a mechanism of a possible "ignition" in LHC of a chain reaction of disintegration of the proton-electron pairs which would be hundreds of times more powerful than a nuclear explosion.
Excerpts from this new theory are included below.


Books on physics are full of complicated mathematical formulae.
But thought and ideas, not formulae, are the beginning of every physical theory.
A. Einstein

“We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true
and sufficient to explain their appearances… For Nature is pleased with simplicity,
and affects not the pomp of superfluous causes”.
I.Newton. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. Rule I

"That hypothesis, which explains the current world with the fewest assumptions
and means should have an advantage, because it is less arbitrary".
Empedocles of Agrigento, 1st century BC,
On Nature, the Law of Economy

Let us begin with what appears to be simple.

At today’s level of science and technology, how hard would it be, one may think, to create perfect vacuum (emptiness) inside some vessel? In terrestrial conditions it would require surmounting of ONLY one excess atmosphere pressure, or only 760 mm of mercury! Yet, since very ancient times, philosophers have argued that emptiness, whatever its location, is not possible in nature (e.g., Empedocles approx 490-430 BC, Aristotle – 384-322 BC). Such famous thinkers of subsequent ages as Descartes (1596-1650) and Leibnitz (1646-1716) also denied the existence of emptiness in nature.

Nowadays there are super powerful multi-stage vacuum pumps available; and nevertheless nobody has ever been able to achieve emptiness! Here is how the process of perfecting vacuum is described in the paper by M. Chadeeva «Atoms and Emptiness» (available on the Internet):

Let us take the system of modern vacuum pumps and try to empty the vessel. There won’t be any difficulty in overcoming the first seven orders (from atmospheric pressure down to 10–4 mmHg). Then the process will be slowing down, but after a couple of hours, we will observe that the pressure has come down two more orders. The next order will take another day and night, and after another full day of uninterrupted work and fruitless search for a leak we will have to admit that the situation is hopeless: The pressure would not go down below the 10–7 mmHg mark…

Vacuumists have a lot of trouble in dealing with the lightest of gases – hydrogen. As soon as high vacuum is reached, it turns out that managing the swift molecules of hydrogen is beyond the power of even the super speed pumps, so one has to apply combined systems, for example, spray titanium, which is a good absorber of hydrogen. (Note: Where could the hydrogen have come from here? Do not rush with your answer)

The ultra-high vacuum presents a special problem… Even under all conceivable conditions, the vacuum above 10–8 mm Hg can only be maintained by means of unceasing operation of the pumps…

The first thing that comes to mind when contemplating the experimenters’ problem with hydrogen is that the hydrogen molecules must be very small, "fluid” and manage to penetrate through loose connectors and microprobes in the walls of vacuum vessels.

Yet in industrial technologies, hydrogen gas is stored in steel containers under the pressure of 100 atm, while liquefied hydrogen -- under 400 atm, and yet it does not seep out through the walls of tanks. While in the experimental conditions with obtaining high vacuum the maximum pressure difference on the inside and outside of the containers does not exceed a mere 1 atm. Moreover, the vacuum reservoirs are made of special materials and are initially tempered to 400°Ñ for degassing.

Still, one would reason that it might not take a lot of molecules of hydrogen to ruin high vacuum… perhaps they do somehow “press through” in small quantities from the outside environment, since there exists some difference in pressure after all?

So what is then the pressure of hydrogen in the gaseous mixture of air in the environment? It turns out that at the Earth surface it is zero! Due to its high chemical activity, hydrogen does not occur in its free form in Earth’s atmosphere, its traces can only be found in the upper layers of the stratosphere, which border on cosmic vacuum. Therefore, it can be concluded that hydrogen cannot be penetrating into vacuum vessels from the outside.

In that case from whence and how does hydrogen then appear there? To understand this, let us first ponder over the following information:

In 1948 a Dutch physicist H.Casimir theoretically predicted the effect of attraction of conducting uncharged plates in vacuum, which was subsequently proven experimentally. Attempting to explain this phenomena, quantum physics established the fact of the energetic oscillations in vacuum due to the constant creation and disappearance there of virtual particles.

Back in 1928, an English physicist P.Dirac formulated an equation describing the movement of the electron, which indicated that in addition to the electron, there also had to exist a particle with opposite energy – an anti-particle in relation to the electron. In 1930 Dirac came to view vacuum as if an infinite sea filled with unobservable electrons (“Dirac sea”). And that when some external energy gets applied in a certain way to this “sea”, the electron can exit into a state when it becomes a regular observable electron. With that, the place of the electron’s exit is left with as though an empty state (“hole”), which is a particle with the same mass as the electron, but an opposite charge. When the electron and its opposite analogue collide, their annihilation (disappearance) happens with the release of those particles full energy.

All this seemed surreal, but in 1932 an anti-electron was discovered experimentally (it was named positron), which became a vivid confirmation of Dirac’s theory. In 1933 P.Dirac, together with the Austrian theoretical physicist E. Schrodinger, were awarded the Nobel Prize "for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory".

Having considered the above, let us imagine the essence of the space medium (Dirac sea) as a certain type of liquid, which is extremely light, transparent, composed of minute particles (additional substantiation for this hypothesis can be found in V.M. Usachev’s article “What Is Truth”, available on the Internet). And let us emphasize in this context the above scientifically proven fact (which will serve as the basis for further discussion): As soon as conditions close to emptiness (i.e. high vacuum) are anywhere achieved, the resulting force of vacuum discharge pulls out ELECTRONS as if “vapor bubbles” from the very “space liquid” (Dirac sea). Simultaneously, at the points of the electrons’ coming into being, under the law of energy conservation, there appear, as energy holes, their antiparticles – POSITRONS, with the same mass and the energetic (electric) charge that is equal in magnitude, but opposite in sign.

Now let us also recall an experiment carried out at physics class in the soviet schools of the 1960s, which was using a laboratory vacuum pump to produce vacuum within a glass vessel, with some water in a glass inside of it. When a certain degree of vacuum discharge is reached, the water inside the glass starts to boil at room temperature. While in the spots where vapor bubbles formed in the water, ice crystals appear, and the water in the glass even becomes frozen.

It is known that other liquids, when subjected to vacuum discharge, also produce bubbles of their gaseous state; while in the points where the gaseous bubbles exited, at low temperatures, there appear crystals of their solids, as in water – the crystals of ice.

So we are left to make just one assumption, by analogy with the phenomena in liquids, that when high vacuum (primordial emptiness) tears out electrons from the space medium at the temperature of the absolute zero, then around the emerging there positrons, as energy holes, due to the release of energy from them, at the temperature of absolute zero, there forms a solid shell of special “ice of the space medium” (a kind of “icy hard -boiled egg” appears), with a strong, flexible “coat of frost” around it (Meson coat). The positrons in such a shell and “coat” are the known stable PROTONS!

Meanwhile, the size and mass of the “liquid crystal” proton, as a result of the “icing up” and “coating” around its nucleus-positron, is naturally several orders larger than those of the electron, which can be thought of as a “vapor bubble”.

However, if the vacuum temperature is greater than the absolute zero by some critical value, then the “icy” shell of the proton does not form around the positron, or a different type of it forms: friable, fragile, easily destroyed. And therefore these positrons, when meeting with the electrons, annihilate quickly.


1. The history of science, with its numerous experiments, testifies that emptiness cannot be achieved in any medium, even for a short time. The impossibility of emptiness in nature is the cause of origination of particles.

2. The electron and positron are born in one natural act in high vacuum and due to the law of conservation – as equal in all aspects, but with energetic (electric ) charges that are opposite in sign:

the cause of origin of the electrons is the impossibility of emptiness in nature;

the cause of origin of the positrons, as anti-electrons, is the law of conservation of energy.

If the process of birth of particles happens in the conditions of absolute zero temperatures, the positron acquires a strong shell and therefore – the qualities of a stable proton:

the cause of origin of protons is the "icing and coating" of the space medium around the positrons as “holes” with lost energy during their occurrence in the conditions of absolute zero temperatures.

At the moment of the explosion-birth of the electron and positron (proton) they also gain a considerable impulse (momentum of movement), as well as a complex rotation – anti parallel spins for each pair of the arising particles.

3. With the emergence of charged particles, each one of them also gets, as a property of its charge, an electro-magnetic field, which tends to merge these particles in annihilation and return the world to its primordial state.

having scattered, the electron and positron (proton), under the influence of electromagnetic field (Coulomb’s attraction of opposite charges), aspire to get closer and merge with any of the opposite sign particle, and thus to form the initial emptiness with the release of their accumulated energy into space. When the electrons and positrons converge, they annihilate. But the positron inside a proton is protected from contacts with electrons by a solid shell of “ice” and an elastic Meson “coat”, and therefore the annihilation of such electron and proton during their convergence does not occur.

4. The field of each particle (electron, positron, proton) spreads in nature relatively far (theoretically, to infinity) and fast (at the velocity of light).

the combination of fields of all particles and everything that is comprised of them -- atoms, molecules, bodies, planets, stars, galaxies -- creates an anisotropic all-pervading field of the universe, where everything exists and interacts.

Give me matter, and I will construct a world out of it!

Since 1951 it has been established that when a positron enters matter, it immediately annihilates with some electron. However in some amorphous solids, liquids and gases, the positron forms a short time association with the electron in an atomic system, which became known as positronium. (The first to observe it in 1951 was Martin Deutsch, USA).

It has also been established, that the chemical properties of positronium are analogous to the atom of hydrogen. Where electron and positron can exist within positronium with both antiparallel as well as parallel spins. In the first case we have para-positronium, which exists for about 10−10 sec, in the second case - the ortho-positronium, which exists 3 times as long – for about 10−7 sec.

In 2007 the experiments (conducted by Allen P. Mills, Jr. and David Cassidy, USA) proved the existence of a system of two positrons and two electrons (molecular positronium), which decays rapidly.

By analogy, the same should be the interaction between the electrons and the positrons which are in the “shell of ice of the space medium and mezon coat”, i.e., the stable protons. Except the protons, as is known, create more stable systems with the electrons.

The interaction of electrons and positrons (under proton-shells) as point charges fully explains the mechanism of intra-atomic forces and the structure of atoms (see schema at http://dovgel.com/vat.htm).

In case where the projections of rotational momenta of the proton and electron are oriented in the same direction, their energy of rotation prevents their rapprochement. When such particles interact, they develop parallel orientations of their spins. In this case we deal with the fact of origination of the universally ubiquitous atom of hydrogen with an excited ortho-electron, which is initially positioned at a further distance from the proton, than a common, stationary, calmed down electron.

If the projections of rotational momenta of the proton and electron are opposite, the energy of rotation promotes their rapprochement and the penetration of the para-electron into the proton’s “coat” until it reaches the “ice” shell. Such electron and proton, having approached each other to a limit, make up a NEUTRON.

I.e., neutron, in essence, is a highly excited atom of hydrogen, which has the electron located much lower than its stationary position, deepened into the proton’s “coat”. As a whole, this summation (proton + electron = neutron) generally becomes electro-neutral. Yet at the same time the neutron also becomes an electro-dipole, capable, as a result of Coulomb’s forces, of adjoining with its negative dipole side onto protons (and, thus, retaining the electron in its upper layer- “coat”), while attracting another electron with its positive side, like the proton does.

If the said combination (proton + electron = neutron) is not bound in the nucleus of some atom, then the electron within the proton’s (neutron’s) “coat” will eventually spend its rotational energy and will be pushed out by the resilient “coat” beyond its surface.

In this case, we will again get the atom of hydrogen, as a spherical proton, which has a ‘calm’, small (as compared to the proton) spherical electron stuck onto it, with the latter keenly reacting to the approximation of any positive or negative charge by rolling over the proton’s sphere.

The electric activity of atoms of hydrogen (valence) resulting from Coulomb forces leads to the formation of molecules of two spin categories: ortho- and para-hydrogen. But any planetary orbiting of electrons within their atoms, as seen from the illustration of a hydrogen molecule, is not deemed possible.


If this theory is justified, then hydrogen (or, when temperatures are higher than the absolute zero by some critical value, – positronium, which behaves as hydrogen) must APPEAR every time where high vacuum gets created. And indeed, hydrogen (or positronium, which has similar chemical properties) is always found under high vacuum in experiments.

Interstellar space is deep vacuum with the temperature close to the absolute zero. If this theory is justified, then hydrogen must occur everywhere in interstellar space. And indeed, hydrogen occurs everywhere in space as a dominating element in the Universe.

The formation of helium from the above described particles is deemed possible as initially a formation of deuterium and/or tritium… which then, in consequence of high energies and field fluctuations, form a construct with two protons and also one, two or more neutrons -- depending on the conditions (pressure, temperature, energy of particles, their initial orientation, spin, fluctuations of the medium fields, etc.). With that, the electrons, in accordance with Coulomb's law, due to the difference in distances between the centers of the charged spheres, play the role of sort of flexible bounding glue-adhesive for proons and neutrons. (see again http://dovgel.com/vat.htm).

To imagine this vividly, one can take a handful of tennis balls (two colorful “protons” and several white “neutrons”) and experiment with them, imagining electrons as the cause of connections. It is easy to build out of them the models of all the nuclides – atoms of helium-3, 4, 5, etc. Finally, in the most widespread atom of helium-4, all the particles (protons, neutrons, electrons) find their straightforward position under the influence of Coulomb forces; and their movement in the atom system comes to a minimum, with the emission of discharged energy into the surrounding space. And therefore, the atom of helium-4, as an optimal compact electro-neutral system, turns out to be chemically inert.

It appears that by programmatically simulating the interaction of protons, electrons and neutrons, it will be possible to get the visual computer models of all known elements according to the periodic table, including all known nuclides...

The presented herein Theory of the Origin of the Universe goes on further to explain the CAUSE of GRAVITATION, the essence of the inertia and mass of bodies, the mechanism of light propagation, some paradoxes and phenomena not previously explained by science. It proposes various models of spinners to demonstrate the CAUSE of gravitation. Their photos, operating principle and parameters are provided so that anyone could grasp the essence of the phenomenon, make a similar device, experiment with it and see for oneself. This article skips these topics and moves on to the most urgent point.


 According to all theories, hypotheses, including the ones about the Big Bang, which created the Universe, matter originally appears out of non-existence (vacuum, emptiness, etc, ultimately, from energy). Accordingly, nature should also have an inverse mechanism: for matter to disappear out of existence, return to its original energy.

A famous ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus (544-483 BC), considered that the foundation of the world (the "cosmos") and the expression of universal changes was the fire, "everliving, kindling in measures and being quenched in measures" as a continuous coming into being and self-destruction of everything. He reasoned that the basis of life was a struggle of opposites that do not just exist, but transform one into the other, while still preserving the basic essence that is common to both of them.

Aristotle (384–322 BC) in his reasoning about the eternity of the Universe also noted: “Observations show, that everything that is created is equally destroyed”.

According to Hegel (1770–1831), the initial emptiness, “as soon as it becomes formed and more concrete”, must, in the course of the dialectic process, return to that same beginning. “Being and nothing vanish into one another”, so there only exists “passing over into the other”.

This can also be described with the words of one of the readers of the given theory: “There exists a sort of natural circulation. Where vacuum occurs, which cannot be filled with anything, it gives birth to particles. While under certain conditions these particles vanish into “black holes” and spring again in vacuum. Just like water on the Earth: evaporates and pours back, evaporates and pours back… So the particles pass over into energy and back into particles, into energy and back into particles…”

Evidently, the mechanism for producing holes, wherein matter vanishes and great energy is released; does exist in the Universe. Only they are not black, but white. The centers of many galaxies have bright luminance, while these galaxies have such shapes, as if in their center there exists some funnel, where matter disappears, or there is an extremely powerful vacuum pump operating.

It was this type of a white hole that was recently identified by scientists in the constellation Indus, where telescopes suddenly detected an unusual gamma-ray burst GRB 060614, which was initially taken for the emergence of a supernova. For example this was reported on http://kp.ru/daily/25693.5/897378/ (e.g. in English -> http://earthsky.org/space/have-we-seen-a-white-hole).

“White holes” may come into existence
in accordance with the following mechanism:

The electron and the positron tend to merge. This is hampered by the proton’s durable “ice” shell and “coat”. But, if in the course of matter’s existence, there appear super-energy and super-temperature (which the Large Hadron Collider and the super powerful lasers are already capable of producing), then the shell around the energy hole, which is contained within the proton, may finally be broken. Possibly, the “icy” proton may ultimately “melt” during the experiments carried out at an extraordinarily high temperatures. And if in this situation it will come in contact with the electrons from the collider’s substance (which are plentiful), then there will start a process of annihilation of electrons with positrons, accompanied by the disappearance of the involved particles (electrons, positrons, protons) from being, with the transition of matter to the photon energy level.


As is known, each gram of substance has enormous amount of energy reserved. By splitting the molecules of trinitrotoluene (TNT), dynamite and even regular water, we can produce a powerful explosion. Combining pieces of uranium-235 and plutonium-239, at a critical mass, we get a nuclear explosion. Yet during nuclear explosions, when only the atomic nuclei are destroyed, the components’ mass decreases by mere fractions of one percent. (Could anyone comprehend this prior to the Hiroshima’s explosion? See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emtfXnapgYc&feature=fvwrel).

During the thermonuclear synthesis of helium from the isotopes of hydrogen in a hydrogen bomb, the release of energy is considerably higher than during the nuclear disintegration. Accordingly, the consumption of the components’ mass that is used (transferred to energy) in this reaction is higher as well – it is reduced (disappears) by 0.7 percent!

With the destruction of a proton, the annihilation of an electron with a positron (proton’s nucleus) will discharge the total energy of the electron and the entire proton (E=mc2, 100%), which will be ~ 142.9 times more powerful than during the reaction of thermonuclear synthesis of helium atom (100/0.7 = 142.857) This is a micro process, but under certain conditions its energy may reach a level sufficient to provoke in the collider a phenomenon previously unknown to Earth: a chain reaction of disintegration of proton-electron pairs, hundreds of times more powerful than the nuclear explosion reaction, capable of destroying any substance completely, with the emission of its total energy Å=mc2.

If the collider were built under the water or over the water on stilts, or at least on some island in the sea, then in case the reaction of the proton-electron disintegration of matter started, perhaps it could be contained to a massive explosion of just the matter of the collider and its foundation. Because water, being a powerful heat absorber, could possibly stop the chain reaction process, preventing it from spreading to the solid grounds of planetary rocks. But placing the collider deep under the ground in the mountains, as is the case presently, is the most dangerous option for the planet. All the matter of the Earth can manifest itself as an unprecedentedly powerful explosive.

This means that any experiment at the LHC with the increase of energy levels, collision intensities, temperatures or other parameters of particle collisions, may turn out to be the final experiment for the Planet. The Earth may instantly vanish as a result of a technogenic disaster with one powerful explosion like one big body of a proton-electron bomb, having flashed for an instance in the Universe with a concussion to the entire Sollar system, leaving only an asteroid belt in its orbit...


We only have one copy of the Universe
it is not subject to experimentation.
V.Ginzburg, Nobel Laureate in Physics

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the most powerful energy particle accelerator operated by The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). It is located underground as deep as 574 ft beneath the Franco-Swiss border and encompasses a 17-mile long tunnel.

With the cost of more than 10 billion USD, it is the most expensive experimental device ever built on the planet. Its purpose is to accelerate beams of protons and heavy ions close to the speed of light in opposite directions and then collide them head-on with unprecedented energies, which are millions of times higher than what the particles are subjected to during explosions of hydrogen bombs, at the rate of such particle collisions that are hundreds of billions times per second.

This collider, along with nuclear and thermonuclear bombs, was created by people who do not fear taking any risk. The collider experimenters proudly declared during one of the press-conferences that they are the “first in the history of science to carry out an experiment, the results of which may not be predictable in principle”. The Nobel Prize Laureate in physics, David Gross, later stressed that this collider will enable making “discoveries, which are not yet even conceived of… and help overcome the barrier faced by the fundamental physics today”.

And, indeed, in September 2010 the collider suddenly produced effects for which they had no theoretical explanation:

"This is an unexpected phenomenon for us, which was discovered for the first time at the collider, and now we are waiting from theoreticians for its interpretation. It cannot be ruled out that we have reached such a point, where we can “observe” new phenomena that are not so easy to comprehend, and, with the escalation of energy, still more of them will be manifesting,” – such was the comment to the press by professor V.Gavrilov, leader of the Russian team of physicists from the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics who work at one of the collider’s detectors.

Is it thinkable that in Space, where everything around is exploding and burning, on a unique planet Earth, which is the only one in all of the universe to be authentically known to harbor life, and which is inhabited by 7 billion people… there already exists, operates and keeps raising capacity a unique device for reproducing the conditions of the Big Bang as well as other unpredictable space phenomena, down to the parallel worlds, jumps in time and black holes, the causes for which are yet unknown to science. While the experimenters, who are accelerating the collider, have no idea what this may all end with!

Many scientists, for example, an American professor of theoretical physics Walter Wagner (researcher of cosmic rays, who worked in radiation safety service), Ukrainian physicist Ivan Gorelik, German professor of chemistry Otto Ressler and others, have been appealing to the governments of countries, UNO, courts, proving that experiments with LHC may destroy the Earth following a number of scenarios. But their arguments are being ignored!

The daring participants of the collider experiments assure that there is nothing to be afraid of, recalling in justification that the first tests of nuclear and thermonuclear bombs appeared no less dangerous. Back then, the scientists, physicists and chemists, also had doubts whether their experiments would initiate the destruction of the Planet. But nuclear and thermonuclear bombs were detonated and nothing happened with the Earth. The Earth will stand now as well. And they are being trusted!

The connection between madness and genius has been proven many times.
The atomic bomb project at Los Alamos (USA) enthusiastically engaged many scientists, the best minds of that time from practically all of Western Europe and America, including 12 Nobel Prize winners.

After the explosion of the first atomic bomb, its “father” R. Oppenheimer “joked” that, of course, they had doubts, but decided that if everything ended well, no one would condemn them. And if not – there would remain no one to judge them...

They took the risk and became famous. Others have become famous for detonating thermonuclear bombs, even though they feared, that the processes from explosion could spread to the atmosphere and the waters of the planet, and in short time transmute the terrestrial globe into a flaring star.

Today’s physicists at CERN have also decided to take the risk, hoping to become famous for “such discoveries, which are not yet even conceived of” by means of “experiments, the results of which may not be predictable in principle”.

For instance, during the collider experiments with super-high energy collisions of plumbum ions (Nov-Dec 2010), the achieved temperatures were 100,000 times higher than at the centre of the Sun!

“The objective of the experiments is to obtain a quark-gluon plasma… A complete disintegration of matter into quarks, gluons, bosons will be wonderful! No one has observed this in natural life before… When our detector catches the quark-gluon plasma, I will be absolutely happy”, commented on the event to the Izvestia newspaper one of staff members at the Institute for High Energy Physics in Protvino, who is also working for CERN.

Without the international monitoring of such experiments, all of us on Earth are the candidates for the Darwin Award, also worthy of entry into the Guinness World Records as the largest number of people (7 billion) simultaneously risking their lives.

Due to errors in the construction of the LHC, its capacity so far has reached only half of that projected, but many have already noticed that there has been something wrong going on with the Earth in the recent years. It is thought that the field of each particle spreads indefinitely. It cannot be therefore excluded that the vibrations of the protons in the collider resonate with all the protons, neutrons and electrons in the body of our planet and initiate negative processes.

Take, for example, a vibrator for compacting concrete and bury it in the portion of the concrete mix. You will observe that the hard mass of concrete will become mobile, begin to sag, fall through the cracks and condense. This is a simple visual experiment for explaining the obvious activation of earthquakes on the planet in the recent years. Any underground nuclear explosion and, of course, a powerful vibrator-collider deep in the earth's crust, will of course intensify the processes of movement of rock masses throughout the body of the planet, their settling, compaction, collapsing into the various cavities and caves (tectonic, erosion, ice, volcanic and karst ones, which have been washed away by ground waters).

Is it then just coincidental that recently in the Canadian city of Windsor there has been observed some ground motion of unknown origin, accompanied by a mysterious rumble and deep crevasses? See http://www.ufolog.ru/publication/3876. (For example in English -> http://www.earth-issues.com/2012/01/16/strange-weird-sounds-reported-happening-across-the-planet/). The unusual phenomena are also being observed in other parts of the world, for example see «Earth Groaning» on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB7oH5_wTkY.

If we compare the chronology of the LHC with the problems encountered in the Earth's magnetosphere, their timing is also synchronous -- they started with the commissioning of the collider in 2008. (See, for example, http://www.kp.ru/daily/25754.3/2739653/ «NASA experts sounding the alarm: persistent holes have formed in the magnetosphere that protects us from solar radiation...” For example in English, see http://www.ehow.com/info_10047783_would-changing-magnetic-field-affect-life-earth.html).

Consider the information, which was published on Nov, 29 2010 ( http://www.lenta.ru/news/2010/11/29/problem/), with a reference to a report of one of the leaders of LHC experiments Roger Bailey (e.g. in English http://indico.cern.ch/getFile.py/access?contribId=0&sessionId=0&resId=1&materialId=slides&confId=112439).

«Since the summer, LHC has been registering inexplicable loss of a portion of protons in the beams, which was accompanied by the increase in energy release. For the first time the unexpected surge in energy release occurred in July 2010. The collider magnets did not fail the superconducting state, however, for safety reasons, the experts undertook a preventative beam dump. Then similar phenomenon repeated in August. As the beams intensity increased, the surges, lasting about one millisecond, began to occur more often. Experts do not currently have an explanation for the nature of this phenomenon…

To prevent bunch dumps, scientists have raised the threshold value of energy release which signals the need for dump. Nevertheless, the surges have proceeded to happen even after this measure was taken. Physicists fear, that similar surges will become a more frequent problem when the energy is increased, and that it may prevent the normal work of the collider… ».

The increase in energy release during these events has been happening at incredibly fast rates...
And this is exactly what the herein presented New Theory is warning about!

Doesn’t this remind of the situation at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, when the safety system of the nuclear reactor was turned off so that it would not hinder with carrying out an experiment? Except now the danger is CONSIDERABLY HIGHER!

Recently, the media published information that NASA’s spacecraft Dawn transmitted pictures of strange technologic, man-made looking objects from the asteroid Vesta (see http://kp.ru/daily/25813.4/2791817/; for English example http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/evidence-reports/2011/214/asteroid-vesta.htm). This is an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter – in the asteroid belt. Back in 1766 a German physicist and mathematician Titius discovered regularity in the distances of the planets from the Sun and concluded that there was a missing planet between Mars and Jupiter. Later, astronomers found a number of asteroids, resembling remnants of a former planet, which orbit coincides with the one calculated by Titius. It is assumed that this planet was bigger than Mars and its destruction happened about 16 million years ago. The asteroids of this group have been found to have water and traces of organic molecules. And therefore some scientists have suggested that this planet (named Phaeton) was at one point inhabited by an advanced civilization, but for some reason, it exploded – its debris scattered along its orbit. Will we soon repeate this history?

It is interesting that "a dangerous lab in the mountains of Europe” was predicted by a well-known psychic Wolf Messing. Even much earlier, in the XVI century, another famous prophet Nostradamus (a highly erudite person, with a master's degree and a Doctor of Science; awarded in 1546 a life pension by the parliament of Aix-en-Provence for his selfless doctor’s work in the fight against plague, from 1564 and till the end of his life served as the royal physician and the King’s of France adviser) also predicted that by 2010 there would emerge a certain “devilish rage bow in Europe”, which may bring the “horror of combustion of half of the terrestrial globe”. He further warned, that if this happens, then “as a result of deadly precipitations on the Earth, every existing thing will be contaminated… There will be neither vegetation, nor animals left.” This would also make it true then that the famous Mayan calendar would no longer be needed by anyone on Earth after 2012 …
Why shall we take such risk? Does it make any sense?

On the 18th of May, 2011, the author of this article made his fourth appeal to CERN’s scientists with a request to consider his arguments regarding the danger of LHC experiments. His Appeal letter was then endorsed by 860 people, who signed it (today the Appeal has many more signatures, see http://kollaideru.net/podpisi.htm). But the experimenters did not condescend to respond and are continuing to intensify their experiments.

On the night of 14th – 15th of November 2011, during the collisions of lead nuclei, the luminosity of the collider exceeded the last year record five times. On November 16th it was further doubled.

On the 7th of Dec 2011, the collider was halted for a Christmas break. For almost three subsequent months it had maintenance work done, and now the LHC is ready to work at even higher magnetic fields, to enable even further increase in the energies of protons and nuclei. On 16th of March, there has already been a new record set: the protons were accelerated to the energy of 4 TeV. It is also planned to double the number of particle bunches in the beams. And then to start extreme experiments at higher capacity and double the rate of beams collisions.

It is known that any idea which yields high profits goes on to be used in ever more complicated conditions until it becomes the cause of a catastrophe. The idea of accelerators is numbering almost 100 years. It is providing for the third generation of extreme experimenters. It has long ago exhausted itself and become dangerous for the planet.

These collider experiments with breaking the particles can be compared to a pastime of people who break dishes and then scrutinize under the microscope the produced fragments. In the course of 100 years all possible shapes of fragments have been described: cubes, cones, prisms, spheres, parallelepipeds, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, icosahedrons (over 300 of them, which never and nowhere occur in nature). Now they are searching for other particles that have been predicted by their science, if smashed harder: dumbbell-shaped or kettlebell-shaped. Perhaps, some day they will find such bosons as well.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over
and over again and expecting different results.”
A. Einstein

Consider what can be understood about the intelligent design of the Universe, while, for a 100 years, destroying it and studying the resulting fragments which are nowhere and never found in Nature? And you will understand the reason of the secular crisis in theoretical physics. The very method of such experiments lies in ignoring the philosophy and methodology of science, changing the objects of study to the complete inadequacy of their natural essence.

Being shut down to any other ideas, having fixed on the accelerators, and continuously escalating their power, the collider experimenters have become accustomed to the risk and have already approached the boundary, the crossing of which may destroy everything...

The conclusion of the CERN’s task group regarding the safety of LHC experiments does not stand up to criticism – see counter-analysis on http://dovgel.com/htm/apokal.htm.

The disaster risk is being underestimated and even masked by the LHC creators and all its interested parties. For it is not just the LHC that is on the line, but the life and death of the entire physics of accelerators, which for 100 years has been providing earnings and satisfying ambitions for many thousands of physicists. Think about it: at the beginning of the 20th century, there were only about a thousand physicists throughout the world involved in all of its different spheres. While today, as a consequence of the global race in nuclear and thermonuclear arms and the search for the new types of weapons, just the operations of the LHC itself involve as many as ten thousand nuclear physicists. They all need more and more powerful colliders in the hopes that statistics of their extreme experiments will finally produce for them some miracle.

Ordinary people often think that nobody can possibly grasp what the work of the scientists at the LHC is all about, except for these scientists themselves. That perhaps some risk does exist, but after all the scientists are professionals and will stop before a real danger arises!

In this regard, let us recall here the words of a very well-known professional in his field, Captain E. Smith, who said in 1907:

“In all my experience, I have never been in any accident... or any sort worth speaking about… I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that ..." Five years later (in 1912) Captain Smith’s newest, most modern ship, Titanic, unexpectedly sank, which became the worst shipwreck in history, with the highest number of casualties.

And was this the only case? Far from it, ALL TECHNOGENIC DISASTERS IN THE WORLD happened ONLY as a result of actions of the professionals, who did not foresee certain scenarios in their projects and ambitions … and moreover, who sometimes deliberately undertook incredible actions. This is vividly described in the book by R. Jungk, "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns: A Personal History of the Atomic Scientists”. It is a valuable documentary account with reliable information, including the following:

In contrast to the bomb which had been dropped on Hiroshima and called the "Little Boy", the one prepared for Nagasaki was given the nickname of "Fat Man". There was every reason to believe that it would be even more devastating. One of its designers admits in the book: "I was afraid that this "better" bomb would be used, and literally trembled at the thought of the destruction that it could produce. I was hoping that it would not be allowed to go ahead with. And yet, speaking honestly, I really wanted to know whether this bomb would meet the expectations, whether its complex mechanism would work." And soon after the Hiroshima incineration, twenty-five nuclear scientists under the leadership of N. Ramsay headed from Los Alamos to Tinian to bring the "Fat Man" in combat readiness and send it to Nagasaki. Dr. Oppenheimer explained this without moral hesitation: "When you see something that is technically sweet, you go ahead and do it and you argue about what to do about it only after you have had your technical success. That is the way it was with the atomic bomb."

And so it is with the LHC, where enthusiastic physicists strive to be the "first in the history of science to carry out such an experiment, which results may not be predictable in principle". One of the ideas is that at distances less than 10–19 meter the gravitation force may be so strong that colliding the particles with energies greater than 3,8 TeV could produce microscopic black holes. The new collider capacity already allows physicists the opportunity to test this hypothesis in 2012.

We may not even realize what happened! CONSIDER THESE STATEMENTS:

"The LHC is certainly, by far, the biggest jump into the unknown."
"We might not have thought of what turns up, but we know we've got to see it."
"We know it will discover something because we have deliberately
built it to journey to uncharted waters."
Brian Cox, physicist, participant of LHC experiments

"Here, at the Large Hadron Collider, we have long abandoned
the phrase "this cannot be, because it can never be".
Mick Storr, physicist, CERN employee

The geniuses of unpredictable experiments have already conceived a new "extreme" for the Planet and the Universe. See report on http://usa.kp.ru/daily/25779.5/2763653/ "Physicists have conceived to burn a hole in the fabric of space-time." (e.g. in English http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/8857154/Worlds-most-powerful-laser-to-tear-apart-the-vacuum-of-space.html#.Tq3F0E6S-DQ.email).

According to the plans which have been approved by the European Commission, for the sake of an unprecedented experiment, a laser of a monstrous power is being built in Europe. Its cost - half a billion euros. It is to be built by 2017. The anticipated location - Great Britain. Explaining this miracle of ingenuity, the scientific leader for the ELI project and director of the Central Laser Facility professor John Collier said that this most powerful laser in the world will allow us “to get into unexplored territory as it is an area of physics that we have never been before." The laser power will be more than 100,000 times the power of the world's combined electricity production. And all this monstrous power will be concentrated in an incredibly short-shot pulse of less than a trillionth of a second. The shot is going to be so powerful and dense that it will be able to burn through space-time and make a hole in the fabric of the universe.

So simple: take the whole power of the human civilization and shoot it in the unpredictable cosmos! What happens after that shot, if indeed it manages to burn a hole in the fabric of the universe? The geniuses can care less. And they will have no problem finding financial sponsors willing to develop and test out this new super-weapon. What if this laser manages what has not yet been achieved at the collider: break the proton and cause a chain reaction of annihilation of the entire matter of the Planet?

Here is a couple of other examples of experiments which put everyone at risk:

On 15 March 2012, the National Ignition Facility of laser based nuclear fusion research, USA, by means of simultaneously firing its 192 lasers, achieved a pulse of record capacity – 1,875 megajoules. While this was only a demonstration shot, without a thermonuclear fuel target placed at the point of impulse, the NIF is racing to achieve the actual nuclear fusion reaction before the end of the fiscal year. Combined with a laser impulse, this too, can give an unpredictable result. (See http://www.newsland.ru/news/detail/id/918517/, for English source http://www.nature.com/news/national-ignition-facility-fires-record-laser-shot-1.10269).

Physicists at the National Laboratory in Los Alamos (LANL) have already created in their lab a world record magnetic field in excess of 100 tesla, which is roughly equivalent to 2 million times the natural magnetic field of the Earth itself. (See http://www.newsland.ru/news/detail/id/923217/. Example in English -> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/03/120323094033.htm.

There are many more such examples on the Internet, and we can only guess how many others are being carried out as part of secret programs!

And this is while the conditions of space which make the biological life on Earth possible are so unique!

Scientific research shows that a mere 2 percent change in the distance from the Sun will render life on Earth impossible. There can only be a few percents deviation in the period of Earth's rotation around its axis without damage to life.

The Earth’s orbit is almost circular, which is important for preserving the constancy of climate as opposed to other planets which have elliptic orbits.

If the Earth’s dimensions and mass were smaller, the Earth would have lost its atmosphere, like, for instance, the Moon, while if they were bigger, the atmosphere would retain poisonous gases, such as methane and ammonia. If not for this unique atmosphere, there would also be no life on Earth. The same applies to the sea and fresh water, such vitally essential elements as carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, as well as many other parameters. Earth is prepared for life by a set of many interrelated properties of our galaxy, stars and planets. Scientists are numbering over 40 parameters, without the combination of which life on Earth would be impossible.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
Albert Einstein

Humanity has reached the threshold, beyond which there’s a need for new morality, new knowledge
and a new system of values… I do not exclude at all the fatal outcome of human history...
Such outcome is likely to occur in the future which is not so far-off”.
N.N. Moiseev, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

There is still time left until 2017. We must first survive the 2012...

Every moment the LHC is running we are risking our Planet!

Therefore, we urge you, dear fellow citizens of the Earth, think what can be done about this. And please do everything in your power to urgently suspend the LHC experiments and subject it to an authoritative evaluation by professionals, competent in matters of technogenic disasters, who are responsible for the security of states and people.

The full version of this Theory of the Origin of the Universe is available on http://dovgel.com/engl/e-r.htm.

Our Appeal (1 page) to the UN Security Council, NATO, CERN, the media and other addresses is presented here: https://dovgel.com/rusengl.htm

If you understand the issue and share our concern for the Planet, please, help draw attention to this information.

Evgeni Dovgel, http://dovgel.com/engl/ob_avt-e.htm,

Translation by Olga Dovgel





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