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A new theory
of the origin of the Universe...



Analysis of CERNТs
Final Report on
Safety of its Large
Hadron Collider


The Theory
of the Socio-Economic Formations

  About the Author



Let me introduce myself: IТm DOVGEL, Evgeni Stanislavovich, born in 1949, Belarusian, got university degrees in engineering, economics and philosophy. Throughout the course of studies at my first university (Belarusian National Technical University, BNTU, from 1971 to 1976) I managed to set a kind of the USSR record: for all those years on end I gained all my tests at the highest scores; after my first year I was awarded with LeninТs scholarship for outstanding studies and remained its holder till the time of my graduation from the university.

For over 25 years I carried out professional research into international achievements in the sphere of economics and finance. I was an earnest postgraduate student of such courses as УMathematical methods and computerization in economic research, planning and managementФ, УSocial philosophyФ and УEconomicsФ.

In my search for jobs I was motivated by an aspiration to obtain practical experience in the area of economics. I held the offices of deputy director for economics, company manager, deputy chief of the department of analysis and forecasting with the economic committee, deputy chair of the planning committee with Minsk city administration, bank branch executive, insurance company manager, director of economic and research institution, council chair for the association of enterprises with personnelТs share in capital, council chair for the international club of directors with the research and production  association of Belarus, deputy chair of the Board of OJSC УUniversal Commodities Exchange of BelarusФ, head of computer aided management sector in a multi-activity enterprise. I arranged the introduction of over 100 systems of creating incentives for personnel, which contributed to profit making and development of enterprises with various patterns of ownership.

The knowledge accumulated, scientific research done and practical experience gained made it possible to reveal the cause of the global financial crisis, to develop the theory of socio-economic formations and to work out the model of an efficient economic tool, which could help overcome the crisis, provide the stateТs financial sufficiency and increase the rates of economic growth for any country. I feel it my duty to represent here my economic developments as the common property of the whole planet, and they are free for everyone who shows interest in them.

My hobby is the philosophy of physical world fundamentals. IТve been dealing with the issue of the Universes origination throughout my entire conscious life, and succeeded in elaborating the theory (hypothesis) of the Universe origination, which, in strict compliance with the law of energy conservation, gives explanation to the origination of matter, the phenomena of gravitation, inertia, mass of bodies, naturalness of the results shown by the experiments of A. Fizeau (1851), A. Michelson and G. Morley (1887), to a well-known enigma of quantum physics Ц the experiment with two slits, as well as to other phenomena recognized as paradoxes of science. Based on the said theory we can conclude that experiments with superpower atom-smashers, including those with the Large Hadron Collider to be carried out by the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), are able to destroy the Planet in a trice. This I consider to be a serious concern, and insist the safety of CERN's experiment be subject to international evaluation.

The information on all developments is represented on this website, which I keep independently with.