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Shall we learn to think
or become extinct like

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  People of the World, show your vigilance!...

Shall we learn to think

or become extinct like mammoths?

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The most serious need of humans
is the need for the cognition of truth.


Scientific discoveries in the sphere of paleontology testify that mammoths became extinct from the Earth, most evidently, in one moment. To all appearance, something of a global nature occurred on the planet, which caused the environment temperature to suddenly drop by a hundred degrees, accompanied by a huge amount of water precipitations; and powerful glaciation over their entire habitat followed. In glaciers scientists excavate intact carcasses of mammoths, in whose abdomens they find well-preserved green grass.

Astronomical research often shows that in outer space stars, planets and galaxies blow up, collapse, disappear and perish. The Sun manifests the activity of unprecedented intensity. The Earths magnetic pole was displaced by more than ten kilometers. Not so much time has passed since Asia was hit by a devastating tsunami. Recently earthquakes struck Haiti, Chile, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. They killed hundreds of thousands of people. Chile's earthquake moved the Earths axis by three inches; in 2004 the earthquake in Sumatra displaced it by almost the same distance.

All this gives cause for scrupulous thinking. The fact that everyone who reads these lines is a Homo sapiens, i.e. "the wise, or thinking, human", goes without saying. But, what really matters is whether we know how to think. Let us ask ourselves a simple question:  What is thinking?  Or, to be more precise: Thinking means doingwhat?

What was your answer to yourself? ... Try to ask others the same question.

Some one will give you an everyday-life situation as an example of thinking: Say, a fellow-passenger traveling with me by the same public transport treads on my foot. Ouch! What a pleasure it would be, I think, to punch you on the nose!  

The second will give you a vague explanation: For me thinking is more convenient, when I am lying or when I am relaxed, and my thoughts wander mixed up with images. Then, all of a sudden, they join each other producing something integral, which, however, does not necessarily mean, it would be a sentence, or some image. Sometimes you are puzzled at what comes to your head.

The third will give you a definite, prompt answer:
Thinking means using one's brains, or convolutions.
And if a person, at the moment of mediating upon a problem, starts walking back and forth?
Then it also means using the feet.

To crown it all, we may state, that an individual has received at his disposal a huge resource, but with no directions for use. This is the reason why this resource is used irrationally, at times even beside the purpose. Working out scientific recommendations for people regarding which algorithm of thinking would be best to follow in urgent situations may be of great value to each person, as well as may give way to an unexampled leap forward along the path of human progress. Let me propose, as an example, a working version of such recommendations of my own, to whose rationality I can personally attest.

So, thinking means formulating questions to oneself, contemplating them in a purposeful, comprehensive manner and finding rational answers to them.

All is simple: formulate clearly and consider the question from every angle, meditate on it.

As is well known, there exist no problems without a solution.  However, each individual perceives the world in a way as it reflects in his sensorium, where sometimes it gets turned to a mirror image. Finding a correct solution may not be an easy task. Therefore, in considering problematic questions a whole set of iterations is required, i.e. a set of interrelated search successions, including the return to a preceding step for the purpose of its results analysis and verification.

Based on the wise publication of I. Yanushkevich (reputation-ltd, 100 ways of treating problems, http://www.newsland.ru/Blog/View/user/1021876/id/48122/ - In Russian), as well as on my own experience, we recommend here to use, at minimum, the following steps in working out problems:

to investigate:  familiarize, fix, make clear, review, examine, analyze, consider, comprehend, interpret, discuss, evaluate, reveal;
to change its state: raise, stir up, awaken, convert, transform;
to change its scope: exaggerate, diminish, bring into correspondence;
to change its form:  divide, connect, combine, reconfigure, place in other conditions;
to find: grasp, dig out, pick open, pull out, highlight, refine, understand, prove, describe.

Deliberate performance of these subject and thought iterations will make you advanced every time, however, it may not be a guarantee to an immediate solution of the question at your first attempt, as in the course of going through each step the core essence may escape from you, i.e. you may: disregard, neglect, omit, overlook, let it slip by, splash out, muff it, fail, blow it, ignore, delay, avoid, put off, conceal, close, remove, drown, distract by talking, kill, bury, substitute, replace, reject. Besides, you may appear biased against the subject of investigation, i.e. you may: like, adore, appreciate, believe, become close or related, disapprove, dislike, hate.

Any mistake allowed will produce an effect of a wrongly buttoned coat: if the first button of a coat is wrongly buttoned, then the whole coat will be out of alignment. If this is the case, then you need reloading. That is, you need to go through the whole chain of reasoning from the beginning, to empty the main memory from those accumulations that have led to a hang up. This is the most complicated part of mentation, as something wrongly memorized earlier often stays ones disaster for good. K. Marx said at his time: The strongest fortress is a human head: the traditions of the dead generations weigh like a nightmare upon the minds of the living.  According to A. Einstein, "the significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them."

Nonetheless, all good things come to he who seeks. When the decision is ultimately found, you will have to show: elucidate, isolate, separate, taxi out, settle, fix up, share, report, submit, declare, explain, convince, await.

So, Henry Ford (a well-known American engineer, inventor and industrialist, one of the founders of automobile industry) was right saying that Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. There are times when we do not even think over the problems, which our life is dependent on. Even when it comes to the fate of the planet! Attitudes towards these problems are often exhibited long before we look into them. And instead of analyzing the problems, we just debate emotionally about our initial feelings, arisen in connection with them.

In this foreword I want to draw attention to the consideration of very important issues relating to everyone. Let us focus on a little piece of information.

I. Lacatos (1922 1974), a well-known analyst in science methodology, came to the following conclusions as a result of his research: after 1925 'new quantum theory shifted to the anarchist position, while modern quantum physics, in its Copenhagen interpretation, became one of the major citadels of philosophical obscurantism Starting from 1925, Bohr and his associates moved to new unprecedented downfall of critical standards for scientific theories. Reason in modern physics retreated, and the anarchist cult of inconceivable chaos reigned.

Earlier, A. Einstein, a leading authority in modern physics, had been no less accurate: Quantum theorys first outstanding progress failed to make me believe in a dice game as its fundament Physicists take me as an old fool, but I am convinced, in the future physics will go in another direction.

So, what is the outcome?

Probably, everyone is aware that there exists the law of energy conservation and other laws of nature. If this is known to each of us, how is it then, that people could base the foundation of the entire science of the Universe on the presumption, stating that the Universe originated as a result of a Big Bang out of a microscopic dot, in contravention of all laws of physics without exception.

Even the counteraction of widely reputed scientists was fruitless. Here are the comments on the said hypothesis made by . Alfven, a popular physicist and astrophysicist, awarded the Nobel prize (1970) for fundamental works and achievements in magneto-hydrodynamics and their efficient application in various spheres of plasma physics, also awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in London (1967) and the Lomonosov Gold Medal of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1971), Member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, London Royal Society and other academies: Modern cosmological theory is nothing more than barefaced absurdity it asserts that the entire Universe originated at a certain moment in a way reminding the atomic bomb explosion It seems, in todays intellectual atmosphere the unsurpassed privilege of Big Bang cosmology is that it presents an outrage against common sense: credo, guia absurdum (I believe for it is an absurd).

Murphy's Law states: "If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those can result in catastrophe, then someone will do it."

Having scrutinized the said "big bang" hypothesis (primeval-fireball hypothesis), the physicists of the European Centre for Nuclear Research constructed on Earth a Large Hadron Collider (LHC). They have already launched the plant and are now escalating the power, in order to reproduce and test on the inhabited planet the conditions of the first moments of the Universe origination! Why do they need that?

According to those ardent investigators, they hope in search of unknown phenomena never observed before to make, in the course of experiments, whose results may not be predictable in principle, such discoveries, which are not yet even conceived, in order to overcome a barrier faced by fundamental physics today. Other scientists, physicists included, show a great many reasonable concerns, warning that the LHC experiments may lead to the destruction of the planet. Nor is anyone concerned about M. Nostradamus predictions, which quite often have come true. With reference to 2010, there is a warning in his quatrains described as a devilish rage bow, which may cause the horror of the terrestrial globe combustion. He predicts that the whole of Europe will vanish, there will be neither vegetation, nor animals left, and afterwards, in followup of precipitations, every existing thing on Earth will be contaminated.

Based on the aforementioned method of thinking, the theory (hypothesis) of the Universe origination has been developed . It is available to everyone on the authors site in Russian and English, with an option of express translation to any other language. Hundreds of people have already left their signatures in support of it. In accordance with the law of energy conservation, laws of thermodynamics and other laws of physics, it clarifies the origination of matter, the phenomena of gravitation, inertia, mass of bodies, light propagation mechanism, naturalness of the results shown by the experiments of A. Fizeau (1851), A. Michelson and G. Morley (1887), as well as other phenomena, scientifically unexplained before. But the most important thing is that, based on this theory, we can conclude that colliders may really provoke the horror of the terrestrial globe combustion. It seems, that the continuation of the LHC experiments, whose results may not be predictable in principle, must be reviewed by NATO and the UN Security Council. As we can instantly disappear, as mammoths.




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The developed theory (http://dovgel.com/engl/e-r.htm) explains in an easy to read format the appearance of matter, the effect of gravitation, the nature of black holes and proves that experiments of the European center for nuclear researches (CERN), are capable of destroying the planet.  It is urgently needed to have an independent safety study of the planned experiments. Please ask people to read the article "About the New Theory of the Origin of the Universe and the dangers of extreme experiments with matter", http://dovgel.com/engl/ontve.htm

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