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A new theory
of the origin of the Universe...



Analysis of CERN’s
Final Report on
Safety of its Large
Hadron Collider

The fate of the planet
is in the hands of nuclear
physicists: shall we be
lucky this time?

Shall we learn to think
or become extinct like mammoths?

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 People of the world, SHOW YOUR VIGILANCE!

The fate of the planet is in the hands
of nuclear physicists: shall we be lucky this time?

UN and the states worldwide watch indifferently, how CERN’s nuclear physicists, in hit-and-miss fashion and for indistinct purpose, are performing unpredictable experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). What could this entail?

The idea of the LHC experiments is to accelerate, with the use of the most powerful electromagnets, protons – the fundamental particles of the Universe’s substance, whose origin and organization is unknown –and smash them in opposed directions, trying to observe what is happening and explain what it means.

These experiments can be compared to a pastime of people, who break dishes, enjoying the clinking and scrutinizing under the microscope the fragments produced. For 100 years all possible shapes of fragments – cubes, cones, prisms, spheres, parallelepipeds, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, icosahedrons (over 300) – have already been described, and currently they are searching for dumbbell-shaped or weight-shaped particles, envisaged by their science. Sooner or later they will find them. But if only they were breaking dishes…

The principal method of their collider-related science lies in the escalation of the COLLIDER LUMINOSITY “THROUGH TRIAL AND ERROR”, i.e. ramping up the intensity and frequency of particle collisions for the purpose of ensuring the probability of an unknown miracle. They hope that, at last, “SOMETHING” will happen, which their research papers may be based on. And should such “SOMETHING” appear sensational, one may also hope for the Nobel Prize.

The rated capacity of LHC exceeds its predecessor’s record tenfold (the US Tevatron accelerator’s). The energy of particle collisions to be achieved in it is millions of times higher than the energy of the synthesis of helium atoms out of hydrogen atoms in a hydrogen bomb explosion, the frequency of collisions to be achieved is about a billion times per second, while the temperature at the at the point of particle collisions is to be 100 thousand times as high as the one at the center of the Sun. Such energy of proton collisions, according to the scientists, will let them reproduce at the collider (on the inhabited planet! ) the conditions, occurring during the first fractions of a second after the Big Bang (whose origination remains a puzzle to them), which caused the Universe to come into being, and see, what will come out of it.

Just think: what can one learn about a rational origin of the Universe through simulating, and observing under the microscope, such collisions? And you will understand the root cause of the crisis in theoretical physics. The mere method of such experiments is the neglect of philosophy and science methodology, fundamental change in the nature of objects under investigation, and their complete inadequacy to rational Nature.

The International Conference on High Energy Physics (CHEP 2010), which recently took place in Paris, revealed their “collider science” full invalidity and decline. The Tevatron experimenters declared they managed to narrow the range, in which they are going to do their further search for the God’s, or Higgs boson, particle. They have already broken a number of records at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), as far as the energy of proton collisions and the frequency of collisions or luminance of the collider are concerned, but they are still in search of the “God’s particle” and primeval matter, from which, according to them, the Universe came into being. There was only discovered, just think, a beautiful particle, having in itself the so called antiquark and strange particle, which was produced from the collision of two protons at 3,5 tetra-electron volt energy. Having flown 1,5 mm, the Bs particle disintegrated into µ- - muon, Ds+ quark and ν neutrino. Meanwhile, the neutrino was not fixed by the detectors, as it may flow over the entire Earth without coming into any kind of interaction, as is reported in the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment press-release. Their “charming” particle disintegrated after having passed 6,5 mm...

To add some sense to the result of their void work at the collider, CERN declared their “installation is already prepared for the intrusion upon the unknown areas of physics.” There they also proposed a new application has been declared – for even a more powerful accelerator of elementary particles 50 kilometers in length, which would cost 10 billion euro.

Let us recall Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl. Haven't we drawn a lesson from History on the fact, that treating the fundamentals of matter requires extreme and a super high degree of caution? As the consequences of mistakes may not be predictable here! Many scientists: Walter L. Wagner from America, Professor of theoretical physics (who carried out research into cosmic rays and worked for radiation protection services), Ukrainian physicist Ivan Gorelik, Professor of chemistry Otto Ressler from Germany and others, applied to courts, showing their serious concern relating to what might happen and warning that the LHC experiments may destroy the Planet. But nuclear physicists are not confused by such warnings. The experimenters are proud by the fact that they, according to what they say, are ‘in search of unknown phenomena never observed before’, trying to make, in the course of ‘experiments, whose results may not be predictable in principle’, ‘such discoveries, which are not yet even conceived,’ in order to ‘overcome a barrier faced by fundamental physics today’. Don’t be scared, they tell us, the first nuclear and thermonuclear bomb tests at their time seemed no less dangerous than the launch of the collider. Then even the investigators themselves doubted whether or not their experiments would provoke the explosion of the entire planet. Nonetheless, the nuclear, and thermonuclear, charge was exploded, and nothing happened to the Earth. This time it will survive, too. But what nice perspectives you’ll get in return then… As to what perspectives, and who will get them, they don’t make any clarifications; and as an example of their accomplishments they only offer the Internet. But this is a well known story: http://dovgel.com/htm/timbernes.htm (in Russian).

The connection between madness and genius has been proved many times. After the explosion of the first atomic bomb, its “father” R. Oppenheimer was “joking” that, of course, they doubted, but decided, if everything ended well, no one would condemn them. And if not, then there would stay no one to judge them... They took the risk and became famous: they were the first to explode the atomic bomb. Others became famous, having exploded the first hydrogen bomb. Today’s nuclear physicists are also ready to take the risk to become famous for ‘such discoveries, which are not yet even conceived,’ in the course of ‘experiments, whose results may not be predictable in principle’.

Those, who are far from understanding the problems and motivations of nuclear physicists, believe that these were politicians, who initiated the nuclear and thermonuclear bomb explosions be carried out by the scientists, as, according to them, for politicians the temptation to possess the “absolute weapon” was quite high. This opinion is wrong. Many people learnt about it, when they forwarded messages to the heads of states concerning this issue. In the end, such letters are re-directed for consideration of experts, i.e. of those people, whose theories, actions and ambitions are criticized. It’s them, ardent geniuses the destroyers, who doubt, but are always prepared to take the risk for the sake of fame, are the initiators of all new bombs. Having become accustomed to the risk, keeping it secret and diminishing it, they convince politicians to undertake, without thinking of the sense, dangerous experiments, tempting them to get an opportunity to acquire an unheard-of weapon, they develop it and seek its tests, they gain profit and win honor. Based on their research results, under the shelter of science, dozens of superpower nuclear and thermonuclear charges were produced and exploded on the Earth, in its depths, water and in space, which might have already disturbed the Earth’s orbit and its crust with destroying its important lithospheric plates, which might have provoked (and they did) manmade earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis.

Nuclear physics today in crisis. Its “handwheel” started turning with the Cold War last century. Just think: at the beginning of the 20th century, there were about a thousand physicists throughout the world working in different spheres. Today only in projects, relating to LHC, about ten thousand physicists are taking part, those who vacated their offices in the sphere of weapons-related research and nuclear-thermonuclear bomb production, after the “reduction of tensions”, “reconstructuring” (the so called “perestroika”) and the USSR’s split, and who are now united under a common international idea – to find occupation, profit and fame in one of the collider-related projects. However, institutions of higher learning continue to provide training, based on crisis theories, for new generations of nuclear physicists, who need colliders for the same purpose.

From the theory of systems it is known: any idea yielding profits goes on to be used in ever more complicated conditions, till it becomes the cause of a big catastrophe. The idea of accelerators, which for about a hundred years had given occupations to the lovers of this sort of experiments, exhausted a long time ago and became hazardous for the Planet. And, should this LHC appear not to be powerful enough for the Big Bang, the clans of nuclear physicists are at any moment prepared to construct new colliders of a higher destructive power. Continuously escalating the power of accelerators, they have become accustomed to the risk, and, under no control, though under the authority of CERN, they have reached the boundary, on which crossing they may ruin everything and everyone… And how many breakdowns, to which everyone’s got used to, and no one is worried about, occurred at THIS COLLIDER?

In connection with the aforesaid, it would be nice to remind of the wisdom from the book by Nassim Taleb “The Black Swan. The Impact of the Highly Improbable”. Let me illustrate briefly an idea from this book:

“How do we know that we know?... Let us take the story of a turkey that is fed every day… Each feeding makes the bird’s belief in the common rule that it must be fed every day stronger... Every friendly feeding brings more confidence and confirms to the turkey that it may feel safe… But on Wednesday afternoon, on the eve of Thanksgiving, there is going to be a surprise for the turkey… Let us think: what may the turkey know from yesterday’s event about what will be displayed for sale in stores tomorrow?..." The turkey’s problem may in the same way be applicable to the situation with colliders. It may become too late to react…

Those credulous people, who easily trust the titled scientists of today’s crisis theoretical physics, should take into account another pearl of wisdom in this book – the words pronounced decisively by the outstanding professional:

“In all my experience, I have never been in any accident... or any sort worth speaking about… I have seen but one vessel in distress in all my years at sea. I never saw a wreck and never have been wrecked nor was I ever in any predicament that threatened to end in disaster of any sort”. These words, pronounced in 1907, belong to E. J. Smith, Captain of the sadly known RMS Titanic. Captain Smith’s ship sank in 1912. This was the most notorious wreck in the history of the planet”.

On April 20, 2010 an explosion occurred on a drilling rig owned by British Petroleum, the company, which has carried out oil and gas production in many parts of the world for over 100 years. This was followed by the largest environmental catastrophe our world had ever seen.

All the foregoing is only the introduction to the subject. Read the following closely.


A THEORY FOR THE ORIGIN OF THE UNIVERSE, which illustrates that the Universe was produced and is being developed not through the Big Bang in contravention of all laws of physics, but rationally, in FULL compliance with the law of energy conservation and laws of thermodynamics, HAS BEEN ELABORATED. In short, the idea of the theory is as follows.

As is known, emptiness in nature is impossible. All liquids, e.g. those under evacuation, produce vapor bubbles; and in the liquid, at the spots from where the vapor bubbles are discharged at low temperatures, there appear crystals of their solids, while in water there appear ice crystals.

Experiments prove that in the event of ultra high vacuum, for the same reason, there appear particles in it. The theory concludes that first, in a certain "liquid" of space there appear ELECTRONS (), as “vapor” bubbles. Simultaneously, at the points of electrons’ coming into being, there appear, as energy holes, their antiparticles – POSITRONS (+)with the relevant anti-mass and with the electric charge equal in magnitude, but opposite in sign. And around the positrons, as energy holes, in consequence of the loss of energy inside them, at the temperature of ~ absolute zero, there is formed a sort of a “coat” as a result of the space “icing up”. The positrons in such “mesonic coat” are PROTONS. The protons and electrons give birth (in the way which is described) to neutrons, atoms, molecules, objects, planets, stars, galaxies.

IT GIVES THE EXPLANATION TO THE CAUSE OF GRAVITATION, the essence of inertia and mass of objects, light propagation mechanism, naturalness of the results shown by the experiments of A. Fizeau (1851), A. Michelson and G. Morley (1887), as well as other phenomena, scientifically unexplained before. Everyone reading these lines, having understood the cause of gravitation, as it is explained in the theory, may make the simplest rotator with vanes (see – http://dovgel.com/vert.htm). When suspended by a thread or a thin fishing line, being consciously surrounded by massive obstructions from external radiations oriented to the relevant vanes, it gets rotated. You can easily manage its rotation, no matter this or that way, when you eliminate the air flows, the impact of electrostatics and thread twisting, through only redirecting the “shade” of a barrier that obstructs the passage of external radiations towards these or those vanes.

THE ESSENTIAL is that the theory also shows the way for the likely return of substance to non-existence! This way presents itself proton destructions, with the destruction of the proton, as the foundation to all material formations in the Universe. For about 100 years nuclear physicists have made their efforts with no rationale for them, they construct accelerators and make particles collide, in order, as the Large Hadron Collide experimenters say – and here one has to stop and think, ‘in search of unknown phenomena never observed before’, to make ‘such discoveries, which are not yet even conceived’ in the course of ‘experiments, whose results may not be predictable in principle’. It may happen that very soon the proton will be destroyed!

The analysis of the report on the experiments’ safety, prepared by CERN’s task group, reveals its fallaciousness, see http://dovgel.com/engl/analysis.htm. Based on the theory, it follows that the proton destruction will give way to the annihilation of its nucleus with any electron. There will occur the discharge of the proton and electron total energy by the formula E=mc^2. This microprocess, though having enormous temperature at the point of proton collisions, may generate an unknown to Earth phenomenon: the chain reaction of disintegration of proton-electron pairs, capable of destroying any substance completely, which is hundreds of times faster as compared to the nuclear explosion reaction, with the emission of the substance total energy by the formula Å=mc2. The said means that each collider experiment, involving the escalation of energy levels and collision intensities, or other characteristics of particle collisions, may each time appear to be the final experiment for the Planet. The Earth may vanish in a moment with one powerful explosion like one explosive item.

Science is reasonably critical to astrology, but one should take into consideration that famous European foreteller M. Nostradamus warned in his quatrains of 1555 about a certain ‘devilish rage bow’, which would occur in Europe and in the year of 2010 might cause the ‘horror of combustion’ of one half of the terrestrial globe. If the said happens, he predicts, then in 2011, as a result of black precipitations, every existing thing will be contaminated; there will be neither vegetation, nor animals left… Then, after 2012, there, for sure, may be left no more need for any one on Earth for the known Maya calendar…
So far the power of LHC at its experiments is twice as little as compared to its potential, but who knows if this is already enough for the terrestrial explosion today? And what might happen, if the collider is launched at its full capacity? Or if the density of collisions is increased? We are risking the Planet for the benefit of some abstract ideas of CERN’s nuclear physicists, whose ambitious fantasies are unpredictable. Why shall we risk so much? What’s the sense in it?

Afterwards many of the former nuclear physicists, like D. Sakharov, R. Oppenheimer, A. Einstein, start fighting enthusiastically for the rescue of the planet. But as long as they are busy performing collider experiments, there’s no use turning to them.

On March 26, 2010 we, in a civilized manner, forwarded the appropriate appeal to CERN organizations (in Russian and English) signed by 215 people with the request to view attentively the information submitted by us, before the power and intensity of proton collisions at the collider are increased. It is placed at http://kollaideru.net/podpisi.htm, and by now the number of the undersigned has considerably increased. However, CERN ignored this appeal, forwarded to it by such a big amount of people showing their genuine concern, and goes on implementing its program which ‘may not be predictable in principle’.

Since July 29 the LHC has been breaking a new record. The frequency of proton collisions achieved makes up billions of times per second. In the future they intend to increase both the number of bunches and the energy of collisions. For all of us each second may become our final second on this Planet. How long can we stay lucky with this collider roulette?

One may say we all are on board the Titanic now! Many people believe, the Lord will not allow the Planet to die. Let me remind you of the parable about a pious man, who, during the flood, refused to accept assistance from people in a boat passing by, praying and saying: “Don’t you worry about me, the God will save me.” How many similar circumstances have already occurred with the collider? Even a bird dropped there its food…

The theory is outlined in a popular manner; everyone may familiarize with it and make sure that a MANMADE THREAT IS HANGING OVER THE EARTH. Without delay we have to make CERN, NATO and member-states of the UN Security Council pay their attention to the consideration of the new theory’s conclusions regarding the threat, which the Large Hadron Collider experiments pose to the Planet. Make at least one step forward in defense of your own self, your fellows and the Planet: read the theory and support our appeal to CERN, http://kollaideru.net/podpisi.htm. Send the link to this page http://dovgel.com/engl/e-r.htm  to your friends, acquaintances, ask them to look in to the matter and notify other people of the same.

If we unite, we will be able to insist the proper examination of this hazardous CERN’s project be carried out!

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of all the undersigned on the appeal to CERN, (see http://kollaideru.net/podpisi.htm),
Evgeni Dovgel, the author of the theory, Member of the Direction of the Belarusian Slavic Committee,
Minsk, http://dovgel.com/engl/ob_avt-e.htm



The Theory y
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