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The fate of the planet
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Shall we learn to think
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Evgeni Dovgel

 Translation by Olga Dovgel,
daughter and supporter of the author

About the New Theory of the Origin of the Universenew
and the danger of collider experiments with
primordial particles of matter


Humanity has reached the threshold, beyond which theres a need for
new morality, new knowledge and a new system of values.

N. Moiseev, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 A recently developed theory explains, logically and in accordance with the laws of energy conservation and thermodynamics, the mechanism for the origination of particles, atoms and molecules. It also explains the PHENOMENA OF GRAVITATION, the essence of inertia and body mass, the mechanism of light propagation, and validity of the results produced in experiments by A.Fizeau (1851), A. Michelson and G. Morley (1887), as well as some other phenomena which have not been previously explained by science.

Most importantly, this theory shows that experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which are being carried out by poking into the unknown with the goal of recreating the conditions of the Big Bang (believed to have caused the Universe), are capable of bringing about instantaneous destruction of the planet. The theory lays out a mechanism for a possible "ignition" in LHC of a chain reaction of the proton-electron disintegration of all and any matter of the planet, which would be hundreds of times more powerful than a nuclear explosion.  The following article presents summarized extracts from this theory.


Books on physics are full of complicated mathematical formulae.
But thought and ideas, not formulae, are the beginning of every physical theory

A. Einstein

One would think that at todays level of science and technology, there would not be any problem with creating vacuum. In terrestrial conditions it would require overcoming of ONLY one excess atmosphere pressure, or only 760 mm of mercury! However, since ancient times philosophers have argued that emptiness, whatever its location, is not possible. Such well-known enlighteners as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibnitz also denied the possibility of vacuum in nature. Nowadays we have super powerful multi-stage vacuum pumps, and still nobody has been able to achieve vacuum, not even in a tiny vessel.

Consider this fragment from M. Chadeevas article
Atoms and Emptiness, which is available on the Internet:

------The perfection of vacuum reminds of the strides towards the absolute zero temperature: the closer to the cherished goal, the harder is each subsequent step.

Let us take the system of modern vacuum pumps and try to empty the vessel. There wont be any difficulty in overcoming the first seven orders (from atmospheric pressure down to 10
4 mmHg). Then the process will be slowing down, but after a couple of hours, we will observe that the pressure has come down two more orders. The next order will take another day and night, and after another entire day of uninterrupted work and fruitless search for a leak we will have to admit that the situation is hopeless: The pressure would not go down below the 10 7 mmHg mark

The vacuumists have a lot of trouble in dealing with the lightest gas hydrogen. As soon as high vacuum is reached, it turns out that managing the swift molecules of hydrogen is beyond the power of even the super speed pumps, so one has to apply combined systems, for example, spray titanium, which is a good absorber of hydrogen (ED note: Where could the hydrogen have come from? Don't rush with your answer).

The ultra high vacuum presents a special problem Even under all conceivable conditions, the vacuum above 10 8 mm Hg can only be maintained by means of unceasing operation of the pumps (ED note: But what are they constantly be pumping out of these vessels?)

Imagine that we have achieved the unlikely perfection and cleared out all the atoms, molecules and ions Can this be considered the absolute emptiness? It appears that it cannot be! in physical vacuum there are constantly appearing and disappearing virtual particles. In practice it leads toadditional pressure, produced by these particles, the so called Casimir effect ------ The end of a big quote (ED note: This effect was predicted in 1948 by Dutch physicist Casimir and later confirmed experimentally).

The first thing that comes to mind when contemplating the experimenters problem with hydrogen is that the hydrogen molecules must be very small, "buoyant and manage to seep in from the outside through some loose connectors and micro-cracks in the walls of the vacuum vessel.

But it turns out that in industrial technologies, hydrogen gas is stored in steel containers under the pressure of 100 atm, while liquefied hydrogen -- under 400 atm, and yet it does not escape through the walls of tanks. While in the experimental conditions with obtaining high vacuum the pressure difference on the inside and outside of the containers does not exceed 1 atm. Moreover, the vacuum reservoirs are made of high-quality steel and are tempered to 400 for degassing. Of course, one may reason that it would only take a few molecules of hydrogen to ruin high vacuum; that perhaps a tiny amount of them does manage to somehow seep through, since there exists a certain difference in pressure.

Then let us consider what the partial pressure of hydrogen is in the atmosphere. Turns out it is zero! Due to the high chemical activity, hydrogen does not occur on Earth in its free form, its traces can only be found in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which border on cosmic vacuum. Therefore, hydrogen cannot be penetrating into vacuum vessels from the outside. It has to be concluded that hydrogen is then produced inside, under the conditions of high vacuum.

Even prior to Casimir, an Austrian theoretical physicist E. Schrodinger, one of the founders of quantum mechanics (shared the 1933 Nobel Prize with Paul A.M. Dirac), proposed theoretical grounds supporting that vacuum should also produce actual particles.

In addition, let us recall an experiment which was traditionally carried out at physics lessons in the soviet school of the 1960s -- producing vacuum by means of a laboratory vacuum pump within a glass vessel, with some water inside the glass, at room temperature. When a certain degree of vacuum is reached, the water inside the glass starts to boil. While at the points where the vapor bubbles formed in the water, ice crystals appear, and the water in the glass even becomes frozen.

THIS LEADS TO CONCLUSIONS: the entire history of science, with its numerous experiments, testifies that emptiness cannot be achieved in any vessel, even for a short time. Liquids subjected to vacuum pressure produce bubbles of their gaseous state; while at the points where the gaseous bubbles were discharged, at low temperatures, there always appear crystals of their solids (in water -- ice crystals).

Now, let us imagine the space medium as a certain type of liquid, which is extremely light, transparent, dispersed, composed of minute particles (see substantiation for this hypothesis in V.M. Usachevs article What Is Truth which is available on the Internet).

Since the smallest particles that are factually proven to exist in nature are electrons and positrons, we can draw the following: As soon as conditions close to emptiness are anywhere achieved, there appear ELECTRONS (as a sort of "vapor" bubbles in some space liquid).

Simultaneously, at the points of the electrons coming into being, under the law of energy conservation, there appear, as energy holes, their antiparticles POSITRONS, with exactly the same mass and the electric charge that is equal in magnitude, but opposite in sign.

 Around the positrons, as energy holes, due to the loss of energy inside them at the temperature close to absolute zero, there forms a sort of a shell of ice from the space medium, with an icing coat surrounding  it (Meson coat). The positrons in such a shell and coat are PROTONS.

Give me matter, and I will construct a world out of it!

I. Kant

Using this line of reasoning, we draw the following conclusions:

1. The electron and the proton are born under deep rarity of space and low temperatures in one natural act, and thus, they have energetic (electrical) charges, which are absolutely equal in magnitude, but opposite in sign. Meanwhile, the size and mass of the liquid crystal proton, as a result of the icing up and coating around its nucleus-positron, is naturally several orders larger than the electron, which can be thought of as a small vapor bubble.

2. Each of the charged particles gets surrounded by an electric field, which is their charge feature. The field of each electron and proton spreads in nature relatively far (practically, to infinity) and fast (at the velocity of light). At the moment of the explosion or birth of the electron and proton they also gain a considerable impulse (momentum of movement), as well as a complex spin around the axis with equal probability for each pair of the particles that the spin will be in one direction or the other.

3. Having scattered, under the influence of Coulombs attraction of opposite charges, the electron and the proton aspire to get closer and merge with any of the opposite sign particle, and thus to form emptiness with the release of all their accumulated energy into space. But positron, the core of the proton, is protected from contacts with electrons by a solid shell of ice and a thick Meson coat. Therefore:

3.1. The interaction of electrons and positrons (inside the protons) as point particles can explain the mechanism of intra atomic forces and the structure of the atoms (see http://dovgel.com/vat.htm).

3.2. In case where the rotational directions of the electron and the proton are oriented in the same direction, the energy of rotation prevents their rapprochement (imagine, for instance, the two approaching gearwheels, rotating in the same direction; they will be thrown apart by the energy of rotation). In this case we deal with the fact of origination of the universally ubiquitous atom of hydrogen with an excited electron, which occupies position on a higher level than a common, or stationary electron does.

3.3. In case where the rotational directions of the electron and the proton are oriented in the opposed directions, the energy of rotation promotes penetration of the electron to the protons coat until it reaches the ice shell. Such electron and proton, having approached each other to a limit, make up a NEUTRON.

I.e., neutron, in fact, is also an excited atom of hydrogen, but the one in which the electron, being hindered by the protons coat, is located below its stationary position. As a whole, this summation (proton + electron = neutron) behaves as electro-neutral. Yet at the same time the neutron remains an electro-dipole, capable, as a result of Coulombs force, of adjoining onto protons with its negative dipole side (and, thus, retaining the electron in its coat), while attracting another electron with its positive side, like the proton does.

If the said combination (proton + electron = neutron) is not bound by the interaction in the nucleus of some atom, then the electron within the protons (neutrons) coat will soon spend its rotational energy and will be pushed out by the resilient coat to its surface. In this case, we will again get the atom of hydrogen, as a spherical proton, which has a calm, small (as compared to the proton) spherical electron stuck onto it, with the latter keenly reacting to approximation of any positive or negative charge by rolling along the protons sphere.

4. The valence of atoms resulting from Coulomb force leads to the formation of molecules. But any planetary orbiting of electrons within their atoms, as seen from the illustration of a hydrogen molecule, is not deemed possible.


If this theory is justified, then hydrogen must be produced each time, when high vacuum is produced. Indeed, hydrogen is always found under high vacuum in experiments.

The interstellar space is deep vacuum. If this theory is justified, then hydrogen must occur everywhere in space. Hydrogen indeed occurs everywhere in space as a dominating element in the Universe.

5. The formation of helium from the above described particles seems possible as initially, a formation of deuterium and (or) tritium, which then, in consequence of high energies and field fluctuations, get composed into a construct with two protons and two or more neutrons, depending on the conditions (pressure, temperature, kinetic energy of particles, their initial orientation, spin, fluctuations of the medium fields, etc.). With that, electrons, in accordance with Coulomb's law, as a result of difference in distances between the centers of the charged spheres, play the role of sort of flexible bounding glue-adhesive for protons and neutrons (http://dovgel.com/vat.htm).

To imagine this vividly, it will be helpful to take tennis balls (several colorful protons and white neutrons) and experiment with them. You can easily build out of them the models of all nuclides atoms of helium-3, 4, 5, etc. of different combinations. Finally, all the particles in the most widespread atom of helium-4 (protons, neutrons, electrons) find their straightforward position under the influence of Coulomb force; and their motion in the system of atom minimizes with the emission of discharged energy into the surrounding space. And therefore, the atom of helium-4, as an optimal compact electro-neutral system, appears to be chemically inert.

Using many tennis balls (protons and neutrons) aided by the drops of glue (as electrons), you can construct all the known elements in accordance with the Mendeleyevs table, including all known nuclides. (For more on the Theory see http://dovgel.com/engl/e-r.htm)


According to all theories, hypotheses, including the one about the Big Bang which created the Universe, matter originally appears out of non-existence (vacuum, emptiness, etc, ultimately, from energy). Accordingly, there should also exist an inverse mechanism in nature: for matter to disappear out of existence. Long ago Aristotle in his reasoning for the eternity of the Universe marked: Observations show, that everything that is created is equally destroyed.

According to Hegel, the initial emptiness, as soon as it becomes formed and more concrete, must, in the course of the dialectic process, return to that same beginning. Being and nothing vanish into one another, so there only exists passing over into the other.

This can also be described with the words of one of the readers of the new theory: There exists a sort of natural circulation. Where vacuum originates and cannot be filled with anything, particles are always produced. While under certain conditions these particles vanish into black holes and spring again in vacuum. Just like water on the Earth: evaporates and pours back, evaporates and pours back Only particles pass over into energy and back into particles, into energy and back into particles

Evidently, there is a mechanism in the Universe for producing holes, wherein matter vanishes and great energy is released; only they are not black, but white. The centers of many galaxies have bright luminance, while these galaxies have such shapes, as if there is some funnel or a highly powerful vacuum pump in their center, where matter disappears.

White holes may come into existence in accordance with the following scheme.

The electron and the positron tend to merge. This is hampered by the protons durable ice shell and coat. But, if in the course of matters existence, there appear super-energy and super-temperature (which the Large Hadron Collider is already capable of producing), then the shell of the proton, may finally be broken. Possibly, the icy proton may ultimately melt during the experiments carried out at an extraordinarily high temperature. And if this happens and the electrons from the colliders medium pass there, then there will start a process of annihilation of electrons with positrons, accompanied by the disappearance of the involved particles (electrons, positrons, protons) from being.


As is known, each gram of substance has enormous amount of energy reserved within it. By splitting the molecules of trinitrotoluene (TNT), dynamite and even common water, we can produce a powerful explosion. By splitting the atoms of uranium-235 and plutonium-239, we get a nuclear explosion. During nuclear explosions, when only the atomic nuclei are destroyed, the components mass decreases by mere fractions of one percent (Could anyone comprehend this prior to Hiroshimas explosion?).

During the thermonuclear synthesis of helium from the isotopes of hydrogen in a hydrogen bomb, the release of energy is considerably higher than during the nuclear disintegration. Accordingly, the consumption of the components mass in this reaction is higher as well it is reduced (disappears) by 0.7 percent!

The annihilation of an electron with a positron (protons nucleus) will discharge these particles total energy (E=mc^2) with 100% of the energy release, which will be ~ 142.9 times more powerful than during the reaction of thermonuclear synthesis of helium atom (100/0.7 = 142.857) This is a micro process; the energy of such one-time reaction is not enough to boil the kettle, but it might appear enough to provoke a phenomenon previously unknown to Earth: a chain reaction of disintegration of proton-electron pairs, hundreds of times more powerful than the nuclear explosion reaction, capable of destroying any substance completely, with the emission of the substances total energy by the formula =mc^2.

This means that any collider experiment, which involves escalation of energy levels, collision intensities, temperatures or other parameters of particle collisions, may become the final experiment for the Planet. The Earth may instantly vanish with one powerful explosion like one big body of a proton-electron bomb, having flashed for an instance in the Universe with a concussion to the entire Solar system.


The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the latest and highest energy particle accelerator operated by The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). It is located underground beneath the Franco-Swiss border and encompasses a tunnel which is 17 miles long. With the cost of more than 10 billion USD, it is the most expensive scientific instrument ever built on the planet. Its purpose is to accelerate beams of protons and heavy ions close to the speed of light in opposite directions and then collide them head-on with unprecedented energies, millions of times higher than in the individual acts of thermonuclear synthesis (i.e. during explosions of a hydrogen bomb), at the rate of such particle collisions that are billions times per second.

The collider, along with the nuclear and thermonuclear bombs, was certainly created by the Men of Genius, brave and eager to take risks. The experimenters have proudly declared during one of the press-conferences that they are the first in the history of science to carry out an experiment, the results of which may not be predictable in principle. The Nobel Prize Laureate in physics, David Gross (USA), even stressed that this collider would enable to make discoveries, which are not yet even conceived of and help overcome the barrier faced by the fundamental physics today.

What are they referring to? What barrier and when did it come up?

Experts know very well that theoretical physics has been in deep crisis for a long time. Its theories are inconsistent; they do not explain many facts and do not fit in with the logic. Recently it has been reported that there were certain effects discovered at the collider, which entirely contradict these theories.

"This is an unexpected phenomenon for us, which was discovered for the first time at the collider, and now we are waiting from theoreticians for its interpretation. It cannot be ruled out that we have reached such a point, from where we can observe new phenomena that are not so easy to comprehend, and, with the energy being elevated, still more of them will be manifesting, commented on this event professor V.Gavrilov, leader of the Russian team of physicists from the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics who are working at the collider.

Just think: in Space, where everything around is exploding and burning, on a unique planet Earth, which is the only one in all of the universe to authentically be known to have life, which is inhabited by 7 billion people there already exists, works and is raising capacity a unique device for reproducing the conditions of the Big Bang, which created the universe, as well as other unpredictable space phenomena, down to the parallel worlds, jumps in time and black holes, the causes for which are yet unknown to science. And the experts, accelerating the collider, do not even have hypotheses in this direction!

The population of the Earth does not even suspect what problems this may hold. However many scientists, for example, an American professor of theoretical physics Walter Wagner (researcher of cosmic rays, who worked in radiation safety service), Ukrainian physicist Ivan Gorelik, German professor of chemistry Otto Rossler and others, have been appealing to the governments of countries, UNO, courts, expressing the most serious concerns about what may happen, proving scientifically that the experiments with LHC may destroy the Earth. But they are not heard!

The brave participants of this project declare that there is nothing to fear, that the first tests of nuclear and thermonuclear bombs seemed just as dangerous as todays collider. Back then, the scientists, physicists and chemists, also had doubts whether their experiments would initiate the explosion of the Planet. But the bombs were detonated and nothing happened with the Earth. The Earth will stand now as well. And they are trusted!

They already went ahead and conducted in the collider the first cycle of super-high energy collisions of lead nuclei. The temperature achieved was 100 thousand times higher than at the centre of the Sun!

The objective of the experiments is to obtain a quark-gluon plasma Complete disintegration of matter into quarks, gluons, bosons -- wonderful! No one has observed this in natural life before When our detector catches the quark-gluon plasma, I will be absolutely happy, commented in reverie one of the staff at the Institute for High Energy Physics in Protvino, who is now working for CERN, in his interview to the Izvestia newspaper.

Meanwhile, the hypothesis on the quark structure of protons, neutrons and other particles is no more than an abstract assumption which was made by two American physicists in 1963/64, which has no causative reasoning or experimental confirmation and even fails to explain such phenomena as beta decay of the neutron, beta-proton capture, electron charge and many others. (The assumption is made that quarks have fractional charges of +1/3 and -2/3, which is then further stretched that three quarks can make up charges of a proton = 1 and a neutron = 0)

This hypothesis gained support in the world only because theoretical physics had been in deep crisis for a long time. It was overly hyped by the cold war in the period of the nuclear-thermonuclear armament race and it has no other ideas, but a fixation on accelerators.

Think about it: at the beginning of the 20th century, there were only about a thousand physicists throughout the world involved in all the different spheres. Today, just the projects relating to LHC involve about ten thousand nuclear physicists, who have vacated their employment in the sphere of nuclear/thermonuclear bomb production after the restructuring (or perestroika) and collapse of the USSR. They joined together under a common goal to find remuneration and fame in this or other collider project. They need more and more powerful colliders for this purpose, in the hopes that statistics of their extreme experiments will finally produce a miracle.

The connection between madness and genius has been proven many times. After the explosion of the first atomic bomb, its father R. Oppenheimer was joking that, of course, they had doubts, but decided that if everything ended well, no one would condemn them. And if not there would be no one left to judge them... They took the risk and became famous: the first ones to explode the nuclear bomb. Others became famous for being the first to explode the thermonuclear bomb. They went ahead even though they feared that the super-bomb explosion could trigger a thermonuclear process, which could spread to the atmosphere and waters, and in short time transmute the terrestrial globe into a flaring star.

Todays geniuses at CERN have also decided to take the risk, eager to become famous for such discoveries, which are not yet even conceived of by means of experiments, the results of which may not be predictable in principle.

It is interesting that "a dangerous lab in the mountains of Europe was predicted by the well-known psychic Wolf Messing. Even much earlier, in the XVI century, another world famous prophet Michel de Nostredame (aka Nostradamus, a highly erudite person, with a master's degree and a Doctor of Science; in 1546 awarded by the parliament of Aix-en-Provence a life pension for self-sacrificing doctors service in the fight against plague; while being prosecuted by Inquisition, from 1564 and till his death served as the royal physician and the Kings of France adviser) also predicted by the year of 2010 the emergence of a certain satanic arc of fury in Europe, which may cause terrible burning of half the globe. If the said happens, he warned, then by 2012 deadly rain will fall from the sky and everything will be infected There will be no plants, nor animals. Thus, the famous Mayan calendar may indeed no longer be needed on the Earth after 2012 According to the interpreters, these predictions must not be understood as fatal; rather they have to be taken as a warning for people and an urge to undertake the necessary efforts for eliminating the fatal threat.

The theory of systems shows that any idea which yields high profits goes on to be used in ever more complicated conditions until it can become the cause of a catastrophe. The idea of accelerators is numbering almost 100 years. It is providing for the third generation of extreme enterprising experimenters. It has long time ago exhausted itself and become dangerous for the planet. Having no other ideas, continuously escalating the power of accelerators, these experimenters have become accustomed to the risk; they have already reached the boundary, the crossing of which may destroy everything...

The power of LHC experiments so far has reached only half of the projected capacity, but many have already noticed that there has been something wrong going on with the Earth in the recent years. It is thought that the field of each particle spreads indefinitely. It is not excluded therefore that the vibrations of the protons in the collider resonate with all the protons, neutrons and electrons in the body of our planet and initiate negative processes.

Take, for example, a vibrator for compacting concrete and bury it in the portion of the concrete mix. You will immediately observe that the hard mass of concrete will become mobile, begin to sag, fall through the cracks and condense. This is a simple visual experiment for explaining the recent activation of earthquakes on the planet. Any underground nuclear explosion and, of course, a powerful vibrator-collider deep in the earth's crust, will intensify the processes of movement of rock masses throughout the body of the planet, their settling, compaction, collapsing into the various cavities and caves (tectonic, erosion, ice, volcanic and karst ones, which have been washed away by groundwater).

Nobody knows what may happen if the collider is turned on to full capacity!
Consider the information, which was published on Nov, 29 2010 by Lenta.ru, http://www.lenta.ru/news/2010/11/29/problem/:

Since the summer, LHC has been registering inexplicable loss of a portion of protons in the beams, accompanied by increase in energy release. This was announced by the site Elements with a reference to the status report of one of the leaders of LHC experiments Roger Bailey. For the first time the unexpected surge in energy release occurred in July 2010. The collider magnets did not fail the superconducting state, however, for safety reasons the experts undertook a preventative beam dump. Then similar phenomenon repeated in August. As the beams intensity increased, the surges, lasting about one millisecond, began to occur more often. Experts do not currently have an explanation for the nature of this phenomenon, but assume, that it is related to the microscopic dust particles in the tunnel of the accelerator which somehow fall into the beam...

To prevent beam dumps due to falling dust particles (if thats what they are), scientists have raised the threshold value of energy release which signals the need for dump. Nevertheless, the surges have proceeded to happen even after this measure was taken... Physicists fear, that similar surges will become a more frequent problem when the energy is increased, and that it may prevent the normal work of the collider

The growth of energy release in these events was happening at an incredibly fast rate... And this is exactly what the New Theory has predicted! Yet CERN's attitude reminds of the situation at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant,, when the safety of the nuclear reactor was lowered so that it would not hinder carrying out an experiment? Except now the danger is CONSIDERABLY HIGHER! We are risking the Planet for the abstract ideas of extreme nuclear physicists, who are eager to become famous by making unpredictable discoveries. The risk of the catastrophe is either underestimated or played down by the interested participants of these experiments. The conclusion of the CERNs task group regarding the safety of LHC experiments does not stand up to criticism -- see http://dovgel.com/engl/analysis.htm.

Why shall we risk so much? What sense does it make?

On the 18 of May, 2011, the author of the theory made his fourth attempt (this time endorsed by 860 persons, who undersigned his letter) to contact CERNs scientists with a request to consider his arguments regarding the danger of LHC experiments. Today, the number of signatures under this letter is considerably higher. But the geniuses did not descend and are continuing to intensify their experiments

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

Albert Einstein

Therefore, people of the planet, think and do everything you can to ensure that the results which have already been obtained by CERN and the theoretical substantiation of the safety of all current and future LHC experiments be taken under an authoritative international scientific expertise.

On behalf of the undersigned on the Appeal to CERN,

Evgeni Dovgel, http://dovgel.com/engl/ob_avt-e.htm

Translation by Olga Dovgel, daughter and supporter of the author


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